MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners Book

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MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners


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"What is Teamwork? What is Friendship? What are Dreams and Unity and all those inspirational crap? Those are nothing but fairy tales in the face of my absolute power, speed, and technique! I am Santi Arthrit. The best Sepak Takraw player in the world. You can come to me in singles, doubles, a full Regu, or even in hundreds! I will crush you all with pure domination. I am the Legendary One-Man Team. The One-in-a-billion prodigy. I am the Takraw God! Nothing and no one in this world can ever stand against me. I am undefeated! I am unbreakable!" Or so he thought until a harsh and shameless reality smacked his face in a form of a Balut-flavored Sepak Takraw ball. "WHO DID THAT!?" a furious Santi scanned the crowd until a cheeky-looking Balut vendor popped forward with an annoyed face. "My name is Chiko and you owe me three hundred seventy-five pesos! No. Make it four hundred for the spilled peanuts, taxes, and fees!" Behind him is a pale-looking janitor cleaning the mess they made. A simple-looking guy, carrying the scariest secret. On the other side, an ex-convict, bald fatty was busy stealing purses and phones with literal ease from the audience. Little did they know that the balut vendor, the janitor, and the purse snatcher are all fated to become a Sepak Takraw Team that will soon shake the world. ***Daily release at 10:00 am!****


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