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Made For You | BOTW Link x Reader


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"You will aid the hero during his journey in defeating Calamity Ganon." That was the order that was given to you by goddess Hylia. Although the goddess had first planned to have the hero do his journey alone, she took sympathy for him and decided to create him a partner, one that would aid him during the dangerous travels to the Divine Beasts and finally, Calamity Ganon. That was your purpose. 100 years passed since the defeat of the Champions, although one remained. The one you were to help once he awoke from his slumber. Link. // This is a story entirely based on the game BOTW. Although a few changes will be made the overall story line will be game-based. That doesn't mean there won't be cliffhangers and all that juicy stuff. Yes, romance will play a part, but I just overall hope you guys enjoy the story! Be sure to leave feedback so I know how I am doing. Enjoy! //


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