851 Mr. Huo, You Seem To Be Very Free

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Leng Jing began to get angry. She said, "Yan Jinyi, you don't go too far!"

"How can you blame me for going too far? You're clearly the one who asked me what I wanted." With both hands spread out, Yan Jinyi sighed and said, "Mr. Huo is my life. Since you want to take my life, shouldn't I make you pay for it with your life?" 

At the thought of Leng Yuxi's text message, Leng Yuxi clenched her jaw and a trace of resoluteness appeared in her eyes. "Miss Yan, that's what you said. Once I die, you'll divorce Xishen and let Yuxi have him, right?" 

"Look, you must be joking again, Mrs. Bai. I can divorce Mr. Huo, but whether or not Mr. Huo will accept your daughter is beyond my control." As she said that,she raised her eyebrows slightly and said with a coquettish smile, "Tell me, is that the case?" 


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