Madam Has An Amazing Life After Her Divorce

# loveafterangst When his wife and dream girl were kidnapped at the same time, he chose to save his fragile dream girl and left his devoted wife to the kidnappers. He had said to his wife, “Qiao An, you’ve always been smart, surely you can save yourself even if I leave you with the kidnappers. But Wei Xin can’t.” From this incident, Qiao An finally realized her husband’s true feelings. Left to fend for herself, she chose to jump from a dilapidated building. To the scumbag’s horror, after his supposedly obedient wife was discharged from the hospital, she began raining down revenge on him and his dream girl. He was completely overwhelmed. After he lost everything, he came to realize that smart women should never be provoked. He decided to reconcile with his wife. However, his wife had found a new life with his uncle!

Essence of Troll · General
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623 Chs

Field Investigation, Heart Shaken

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Rong Rong took the initiative to visit Qiao An and Huo Xiaoran.

When she knocked on Qiao An's door, the servant opened it for her. She asked very politely, "Miss, who are you looking for?"

Rong Rong wanted to say that she was here today to see if Huo Xiaoran had the charm to keep Qiao An.

However, on second thought, she had never met Huo Xiaoran before. It was inappropriate for her to look for Huo Xiaoran, so she said, "Is Miss Qiao An at home?"

"She's is at home. Come in quickly," the servant said.

After Rong Rong entered the door, she smelled the rich fragrance of roses in the pavilion in the front yard. She couldn't help but sigh. "It smells so good."

The servant smiled. "That's a rose garden my Master planted for Madam."

Rong'rong was slightly stunned and secretly cursed in her heart. This Huo Xiaoran was simply a bootlicker. How could a truly outstanding man be so humble?