12 My Ancestor

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Lin Siran looked up slightly and saw that her fierce deskmate's eyes were squinted slightly, and she was even whistling.

Her voice was casual, and she even had one hand in her pocket. She turned to the side and looked at the locomotive teenagers around her plainly.

Why was this girl still laughing…

There were too many legends about the school bully… the thought of it turned Lin Siran's legs into jelly.

She clutched Qin Ran's wrist, her knuckles raised and her fingertips white.

Not far away.

"Young Master Xu, Wei Zihang and the others who bullied our classmates are right in front of you." Qiao Sheng was also anxious. He bit his cigarette, touched his hair, and raised his eyebrows at Xu Yaoguang.

Xu Yaoguang raised his eyebrows. His appearance was mild, but his eyes were cold. "What does it have to do with you…"

His gaze fell on the tightly-enclosed crowd in front of him. In the middle, the girl with her back to him stood there lazily. She was rather tall and skinny and didn't look over.

In the setting sun, her face was bright and demonic, her expression cold and arrogant, and she looked clearly like a bandit.

Her unshakable fierceness made people shiver.

Xu Yaoguang paused. It was no wonder Qiao Sheng had dragged him here too. This scene was indeed rare.

"Young Master Xu, why did you stop?" Xu Yaoguang didn't answer, so Qiao Sheng grew anxious. His hair was short and stiff and showed off his obstinance. "Wei Zihang that dude has gotten out of his car. Okay, forget about it if you don't like our new classmate. But you've known that girl in the student committee for two years, can you really leave her to die?"

Xu Yaoguang seemed a little silent, so Qiao Sheng didn't think much about it and just thought that he had agreed.

He took a step forward and said loudly, "Student committee member, bring the new classmate over here and make way for Wei Zihang."

Qiao Sheng's voice was quite anxious.

As Lin Siran heard Qiao Sheng's voice, she lowered her eyes and pursed her lips tightly, her body tense, and her large school uniform making her seem extremely small and delicate.

Holding Qin Ran's hand tightly, she raised her foot and walked in Qiao Sheng's direction.

Wei Zihang was famous for his fierceness. When he just transferred to the school back then, he became the leader of the local blacks.

They had thought he was finished, but in the end, they were wrong.

His reputation as the school bully spread widely.

His legends in First Middle School were all about his evil deeds. He had a large background, and even the underworld didn't dare to mess with him.

How could these ordinary students possibly afford to mess with him?

Even Lin Siran, a good student, had heard of this fierce name.

After hearing Qiao Sheng's words, she quickly pulled Qin Ran and wanted to drag her away.

However, Qin Ran's feet stayed rooted to the ground.

She couldn't be dragged away.

Holding his cigarette, Qiao Sheng grew anxious at the situation and ran a hand through his hair. "Damn it. What's wrong with this new campus belle, does she want to fight? Wei Zihang isn't so easy to mess with. Young Master Xu, say something!"

This new campus belle really had an arrogant temper and was extremely wild. She was really a newborn calm who wasn't afraid of tigers.

Wei Zihang and his followers all had a bad reputation in Yun Cheng University, and the students there were all afraid of him. He had always been lawless and no one could restrain him.

After Lin Jinxuan graduated, he only feared Xu Yaoguang a little.

The two gangs were extremely disagreeable, and their main interaction was the welcome meeting for the new First Middle School's students.

Qin Yu was quite famous. One day, Wei Zihang and his party barged in and mocked that Qin Yu's violin was not good. Xu Yaoguang immediately went against Wei Zihang.

At that time, Qin Yu's violin was in the eighth grade.

Everyone thought he had deliberately picked a fight.

And Xu Yaoguang was a freshman at that time. He had just transferred over, and Wei Zihang did not provoke him in the end.

Since that incident, Qiao Sheng knew that Wei Zihang feared Xu Yaoguang.

Now that Qin Ran was being so stubborn, Qiao Sheng couldn't help but want to slip away in her place and cursed her under his breath.

Did she want to die?!

Lin Siran watched as the school bully got out of his car, her face turning even paler. She said in a trembling voice, "Qin Ran, we have to go quickly… I'll explain it to you later."

She was still pulling on Qin Ran, her palms sweaty and trembling horribly.

This reaction was extremely normal for when an ordinary student saw the school bully that even the underworld didn't dare touch.

Qin Ran patted Lin Siran's shoulder. Her expression remained unchanged and she stuck her hand in her pocket loosely, squinting at them.

She still acted like a big boss, wild and crazy.

But Lin Siran was not comforted. Her legs were soft and she couldn't move.

She was almost falling into a coma.

The teenager in front walked towards them. He had a pair of phoenix eyes, a distinct silhouette, and a mysterious aura. White smoke burned between his fingers and his whole being could only be described as evil.

Seeing that Wei Zihang was walking over himself, Qiao Sheng finally moved. The group of people not far away also thought that this new student was finished.

Xu Yaoguang looked at Wei Zihang. His clear and dark eyes changed slightly and he was about to say something.

But then, he heard Qin Ran say, "Wei Zihang, get someone to send my deskmate back. She can't walk."

The scene fell silent.

Wei Zihang glanced at Lin Siran and immediately laughed. It was an easygoing laugh that didn't sound like a school bully at all. He immediately turned and picked a teenager who looked like a good student to send Lin Siran over.

Then, he came over again and looked at Qin Ran. He smiled, the surprise at the bottom of his eyes serious. "Come on, Sister Ran, how could you not tell me that you're in Yun Cheng?"

Qin Ran tugged at her school uniform.

"It was decided too last-minute." The letter from President Xu was already from a year ago.

Wei Zihang was still dissatisfied. He was handsome and had defined features. "Then, why didn't you come to find me."

"I only arrived yesterday." Qin Ran motioned to Lin Siran, but when she saw that Lin Siran was still stunned and didn't respond, she turned to her side and kicked Wei Zihang. She raised her eyebrows and said, "Tell your little brothers to get lost quickly, they're scaring my deskmate."

Wei Zihang let his younger brothers walk away quickly.

Lin Siran was obviously not in a good state, so Qin Ran was ready to buy books by herself.

The boy beaten by Qin Ran at noon didn't walk away. His colorful hair drooped and he was almost about to kneel. "Boss, she… she's…"

Wearing a jacket, Wei Zihang crushed his cigarette rather gracefully. He glanced over coldly, and the corners of his lips curled up in an evil way when he heard the question. "My ancestor."

After speaking, he didn't even wait for them to respond.

"Sister Ran, where are you going?"

"I'm buying a book," she replied concisely.

"I'll go with you…"

As his voice drifted away, Lin Siran, who was still rooted to the same spot, still did not respond.

The little brother of the school bully, who she had been so terribly afraid of, said carefully to her, "Sister, are you going back to school? Or are you going to eat?"

Lin Siran's head was a bit empty.

She felt like she was dreaming.

Not far away, Qiao Sheng's side was also silent. Even Xu Yaoguang could not react for a while.

Qin Ran was much calmer. She just got a few books and her phone vibrated a few times.

She took it out casually.

It was an undisclosed number—

[There is a new mission specifically asking for you. Do you want it?]

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