376 C-Level Experiment!

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On the other side.

Dean Jiang had arranged an experimental classroom in the Physics Department. He and the other professors had also sorted out the assessment content.

The printer was still printing when Qin Ran arrived at the office.

Seeing Zhou Ying, she held her book in the other hand and politely greeted them. "Dean Jiang. Dr. Zhou."

Waiting by the printer with a stapler in his hand, Dean Jiang waited for all the papers to be printed before sorting them out. He lowered his eyes and handed the stack of papers to Qin Ran.

Qin Ran took it and flipped through it. It was a bunch of physical theories and experiments.

"Qin Ran, after being here for so long, have you ever heard of the Physics laboratory?" Dean Jiang mumbled and slowly spoke.

She sorted out the bunch of documents calmly before nodding.

Dean Zhou had explained it to her previously when she went to sign the confidentiality agreement.


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