'What do you want?', Gina asked not looking back.

'I just came to see your face. I'm glad that irritating bastard wasn't beside you this time. I would have clawed him to pieces', he said chuckling.

'That's gross. Now get away from me', Gina warned sternly. 

 'Am leaving already', He said and took one last glance at Elena before walking away.

 'What do you have with him?', Elena asked. Gina shrugged and glanced at her.

   'We were friends from childhood. But he moved to another place when we were in grade 1. Now he thinks we are a thing', Gina said.

  'Oh', Elena grunted and both continued their work.


'I'm damn serious. I can't say what it is. But the scent is weird', Max said.

 'I believe you, Max. What do we do now?' Sam asked taking a glimpse at Max

  'We need to go see Thawn', Max affirmed and both turned to go but Daryl stopped them.

'Am coming with ya', he said and smiled then they all went.


Wade walks into his dad's workshop and saw him on an engine.

 'Need a hand with that?', he asked and Aldor raised his head. 'Oh man, how are you?', he asked smiling. 'Sure, I'mma need a hand', he added and squeezed him in a hug.

 'Am good, Pops', he said after he was released in the bear hug. Then Aldor brought two drinks and gave him one and he held the other one. They sat on a bench and began talking.

'How's Max?', Wade inquired.

'He's in school', Aldor replied. 'He should be back anytime soon, he added.


Thawn could sense someone coming so he prepared and sprouted his claws. Then Max jumped in through the window and landed on his foot.

'You are improving day by day, Thawn confessed without looking behind him.

'I've been training myself, Max asserted.

'What are you here for?', Thawn asked now facing him.

'Cant I come?', Max asked then Daryl whooshed in with Sam panting.

'That was tiresome', Sam said and bent down trying to catch his breath.

'You were slowing me down', Daryl grunts

 'Sure. You can come. But I know anytime you come, you have a problem at hand that is', Thawn said.

  'Actually, we don't have a problem this time, Daryl said and Thawn growled.

'Because of what we went through doesn't necessarily make us friends, Vampire', Thawn let out.

'What is wrong now?', Sam implored with a grimaced expression

'Just tell me what it is and let's get it over with', Thawn said with a frown.

 'Okay fine. I caught a strange scent today and I don't know exactly what it was. But it wasn't something like us', Max said.

  'It's not something I can tell. But you need to be careful. There may be other creatures looking out for the BITTEN', Thawn explained.

  'But what will other creatures want with him when he's not their kind?', Daryl asked.

  'You don't get it, do you?', Thawn asked with a scoff.

'He's a special one. No one has ever been BITTEN. We either were born with this curse or a ritual is performed. But he got it through a bite. Who wouldn't want to get that kind of creature on its side? And as this is going on, a war is gonna erupt soon. We don't know when. But you will all choose aside. Which side will you choose?', he added taking a glance at them all

  'So, we have another creature now in school hunting for me', Max mumbled sadly

' We gonna find him, Sam said reassuringly and pats Max.

 'You think you have a chance, he has found you already. You need to prepare for a fight', Thawn said. 'Its time for you to hunt not to be hunted, and stopped being innocent, he added.

  'I will never kill', Max said convincingly. ' I am not a killer, okay!', he bellowed.

  'Oh, you will. You haven't had the motivation yet', Thawn said and smiled.


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