Kuoh town, a little city in the middle of nowhere that seems no different from any others, but it has a secret. Unknown to normal humans, angels fallen angels, and devils fill the town. Each of them with different objectives in mind. it’s in such a town that Basara, the main character of our story, began to live with his mysterious father, Jin Toujou and his beautiful mother, Sapphire Toujou. He hoped to a simple and normal school life, but this was without counting the beautiful devils in the school. Will Basara be able to graduate without problem? Or will he become embroidered in a huge war? This is what we are about to find out. —- Here link of my new Story. Name is MIDNIGHT PRINCE : Empire of Sin https://www.webnovel.com/book/midnight-prince_24908760405236305 would appreciate it if you could give reviews and put it in your collection. ---- Disclaimer: Neither DxD nor Shinmai belong to me. I am just a fan writing a What If of what could have happened should those two world be mixed together. Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/HikaruGenji Join my Patreon You can get up to 57 advanced chapters, 19 of SHK and 19 of Gojo and 19 of Lustful Paradise.    Tier 1: 4+4 chapters of Gojo and LP   Bronze :4+4 chapters of SHK+LP Tier 2: 12+12 chapters GOJO+LP Silver: 12+12 chapters SHK+LP Tier 3: 14+14 chapters GOJO+LP Gold 14+14 chapters of SHK+LP Legend: 17 chapters of SHK, 17 of Gojo and 17 chapters of LP+ illustrations of SHK  Overlord: 19 of SHK, 19 of Gojo and 19 chapters of LP+ illustrations. Can also ask or vote for special chapters once each month.  Supreme: Same benefits as overlord+ right to ask for the creation of an OC(Name/Gender /Race/Power) that will be added to the story. 

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The moment Basara and the others appeared, Basara recognized the battlefield as being based on the school itself.

He had appeared in one of the classrooms on the first floor and he guessed that Rias should be in the Occult club.

{Hello everyone. This is Sona Sitri talking. I will be impartial during this fight.}

Sona's voice resonated in the whole field.

{The rules for this rating game are pretty simple. This is a pure fight. No limit. But because of the significant disparity in numbers we had to adjust the rules.

Basara will be regarded as the winner if he can beat Rias. Even if all the other members are still standing up.

All participants in this fight were equally placed at a distance from the center.

The position of everyone is hidden except that of the two leaders which will be clearly indicated for a few seconds at the start. Then it will be shown every five minutes.

The game will last 30 mn. At the end of which, if there is no winner, Rias' team will be considered to have shown they were stronger than Basara judged and as such win.

You have 5 minutes to prepare your strategy before the start of the match.

That is all for the rules and settings. May you have a good game.}


When Sona finished, she turned to face an elegant tall maid, "Grayfia, will this be enough?"

Grayfia smiled, "Plenty."

"Still, I believe this is a low blow. Changing the rules like that. Rias must be flustered."

Sona said so as she watched the screen showing Rias standing alone with a frustrated expression.

"Indeed. But this is how the rating game works. The players never really know what the rules will be. With this, depending on Basara's position, the others will have to decide.

Either try to reunite with Rias or take Basara on alone to gain time. They could also place themselves strategically to ambush him or drag on time until the end by sacrificing some of the pieces."

Grayfia was pretty happy with the rules she came up with. It wasn't perfect but it was close to the situation on the battlefield. Of course not on the human battlefield but one of the supernatural beings. During the war, there were many situations when one super powerful entity would completely overturn everything.

When such a monster appeared on the battlefield, it was important for the general to know how to move to lower the losses and eventually kill the enemy or flee.

"Well. This fight is the occasion for Rias to learn. Whatever the result is. She will come out of it a little more mature."


"I have been had."

Rias was indeed a little flustered. All the plan and strategy she had prepared beforehand was completely wrecked from the start.

"No. Let's calm down."

She took a deep breath, causing her heavy breast to jiggle a little and calming her rising tension.

"In this case, I need to believe in my comrades."

There was nothing else she could do.

"Basara cannot fly. So the ideal would be to use our air superiority. But this would also make us an obvious target."

At the end of the day, they needed one of them to slow him down while the others reunited.

"The best one for this is…"


Standing alone on the sports field, Akeno smiled. She was clad in her Miko clothes which showed quite a bit of her healthy body and was thinking about the situation

"Ufufu~! It seems like I need to act."

The only conclusion was that she should be the bait.

Be it Koneko or Kiba, they were essential in protecting Rias while she prepared her big spells. Ideally, Akeno should have been there to help restrict Basara's movements but the situation was never ideal.

'Let's try kitting him and placing some traps.'

Akeno wasn't really astonished about the sudden change of situation. As a street urchin, she knew that one needed to always think fast. This was even more so in her case since she had to run for her life many times while being chased by her family.

Looking at the large field around her, her smile stretched further,

"I should prepare the welcome."

Unlike Kiba and Koneko, this would be her first fight with Basara. She wanted to welcome him in the best possible way.

She also needed to make a big commotion. Enough so that her two cute Kouhai understand what they needed to do.

'Reunite fast with Rias and come help me if I am still up or use me thoroughly as bait to send a big spell.'


Depending on how you saw it, five minutes could be a long or a short time.

When the time of preparation ended and the buzzer rang, two pillars of light, one white and one red shot into the sky.

Looking up, Basara could see that it would indeed be hard to miss his position.

"Let's move."

He began moving in the direction of the red light. But…

Whoosh! Boom!

Basara side-stepped so fast he left afterimage. Meanwhile, where he once stood was a deep crater with electricity buzzing around.


Basara frowned before looking out of the window where the attack came from.

It was quite far but with his supernatural eyesight he could see that high up in the sky, Akeno was floating with her wings up and three magical circles open.

'Don't tell me.'

Basara gave a wry smile but immediately ran towards the window and jumped out.

His instincts were spot on from the moment he did, the three circles around Akeno vanished while one very large circle appeared above the building where he previously was.

This was followed by a terrible explosion of light and sounds as lightning appeared in a flash and destroyed the building.

'Huge firepower. Fast attack and good strategic mind.'

Basara stood up and dusted himself, "Why attack me as she did?"

Akeno did something that really surprised him. She managed to slip past his senses and launch a powerful attack at him. But, if she capitalized on the element of surprise, perhaps she could have done more.

The first attack warned him of her presence. If she had used the huge spell directly on the building, he would have been in a slightly troublesome situation.

'Buying time?'

Basara thought about it but shrugged.

Unlike what they have thought he never intended to gun for Rias from the get-to go. So this was more than welcome.

Furthermore, he wanted to see it.

'Just how strong is she?'

Akeno was the cousin of someone dear to him and he wanted to make sure she had the means of protecting herself.


Basara moved his hand and summoned his sword alongside his Boosted gear.

This was the first time Basara summoned his weapons in front of any of the devils and they would never forget it.

"Akeno, I hope you are ready."

Floating high in the air, Akeno smiled

[Lightning spears]

Four lances made out of condensed lightning appeared behind her.

"Since you know Suzaku-nee, you should know. The Himejima clan is born with fire. So all those unable to wield fire are discarded [1]."

Suddenly Akeno began to speak, causing Basara to pause.

Indeed, Each of the five families follows one of the special sacred beasts and those specific beasts have fixed elements.

Fire for Suzaku, the Vermillion Bird.

Water for Genbu, Black Tortoise.

Wood, wind, and lightning for Seiryuu, the Azure Dragon.

Metal for Byakko, the White tiger.

Finally earth for Ouryuu, the Yellow Dragon.

Normally, all the members of the five families had an affinity related to the beast they worshipped. But there was always some case where one had no talent for Exorcism or simply didn't have the matching element.

In this case, once they became adults, those people were destined to be discarded by the family, and even while living as a young child, they would be isolated and made into outsiders.

Tsubaki was another proof of this rough treatment.

"Why mention this now…?"

"Don't you think it's funny? When I was human I could only use lightning but now that I became a devil, fire magic and other such elements came naturally to me."

Devil magic worked differently from the magic of wizards or Japanese exorcist art.

Devils relied purely on imagination and demonic power. As such for someone like Akeno who already had a great talent, elemental magic became extremely easy to picture and use in her case.

"Thanks for playing the game and letting me buy enough time. Let me show you my talent."

A magical circle appeared exactly where Basara stood and chains entirely made out of ice jumped out of it before binding Basara, fixing him in place.

"I know you are fast. So, I simply need to stop you from moving."

The four lances immediately rushed to the sky and entered the clouds. Black clouds that had been slowly growing during the short discussion of Basara and Akeno.

Akeno knew that those chains wouldn't keep him bound for long. But all she needed were those precious few seconds to finish her preparation.

'Perhaps I can end it there?'

Thinking so, Akeno immediately activated the last spell she had been preparing while speaking to him.

She was already feeling a little light headed but she was sure that it would be worth it.

Thunder boomed in the sky and lightning filled the clouds. The menacing aura weighed down on everyone as lightning and wind moved in unison.

Looking up with his limbs bound, Basara gave a wry smile, "I seriously underestimated her."

Currently, Akeno looked like a goddess of the storm as the elements listened to her whim and he was like a prisoner about to be executed.

Raising her hand towards the sky, Akeno focused all the remaining of her energy then, bringing her hand down in the direction of Basara.

[Roaring Dragon]


Lightning fell like a divine punishment towards Basara.

From everyone's perspective, there was simply no way for him to escape this attack.

Even if he didn't immediately lose, they were sure that he would at least be greatly incapacitated.

This was why…When with the flash of green light the mighty roaring Dragon was unexpectedly erased and died with a whimper…All they could do was stare in complete disbelief.

[1]: This is Canon.

In Slash Dog. The enemies of the first volume are people who were discarded by the five families.

For those who didn't read Slash Dog you should. SD happens around four years before DxD and the mc is Tobio. A Longinus user who appeared for the first time in DxD around vol 12 or 15 (don't really remember). The story is honestly more interesting and more mature. Furthermore one of the main cast is Vali as a 14 years old teen. XD. Vali was really funny when he was a kid.

[2]: Akeno can choose whether to show her fallen wings or not. As of now, she only shows the Devil's wings.