15 Chapter-15

"Holy shit... I really used it; I really used the fireball spell. Haha... Fuck yeah." Sam shouted loudly.

"Let's try it once again..." Sam spoke as he looked at his hand with a big smile.


2 hours later....

"Hmm....? Why is it getting so hot suddenly?" Vanessa spoke as she woke up from her sleep.

She then looked towards the right side and noticed her husband sleeping like a stupid hippo.

"I need water...." Vanessa spoke as she stood up and started walking towards the kitchen.

As she passed through the window, she noticed something.

"Hmm...? Oh shit.... Everyone wake up, there is fire everywhere, we have to run. Everyone wake up..." Vanessa started shouting as she noticed that the backyard is fully engulfed in flames and they are reaching the house, burning it slowly.

"Shit, shit, shit... I used the spell too much...." Sam spoke as he filled water buckets and threw them over the fire without stopping.

"Run... Everyone run out..." Suddenly, Vanessa's voice resounded from the house.

"Fuck... If they found out that I did this, then I am so dead." Sam thought as he immediately stopped throwing the water and ran towards his room without anyone noticing.

"Fuck man... Why did I keep shooting the fireballs? I knew that I should've stopped after the 35th one." Sam spoke as he suddenly felt a knocking sound on his door.


'No one knows, who did it... Calm down and answer the call calmly.'

"Yes...?" Sam asked with an innocent expression as he opened the top gate.

"Get out of the house, stupid. There is a fire." Vanessa spoke as she immediately ran towards the exit door.

"O-Okay..." Sam replied with a calm expression as he immediately picked up his important stuff from the attic and ran outside of the house.

As soon as he exited the house, he noticed his family members standing right in front of the house, and there were fire trucks everywhere.

His father was talking with the police while the three women of the house were standing near an AI Ambulance Service Van, where their vitals were getting checked out.

"Oi, kid... Are you alright?" A man in a firefighter's uniform asked.

"I-I am alright, sir." Sam replied.

"Good... Now, stand away from the house. A magi is on his way here." He said.

"Yes..." Sam replied as he immediately stepped away from the house.

After waiting for about five minutes, a Porsche arrived in front of his house.

"Wow... Your magi is a rich one, I guess." Sam spoke as he looked at the firefighter.

"That's not our magi..." The firefighter spoke as he immediately ran towards the Porsche.


Doors opened, and a handsome male stepped out of the car... Blue hairs, blue eyes, and a white face.

'Isn't he?'

"Excuse me, sir... You can't come here. There is a fire-"

Before the firefighter could've completed his sentence, the man slapped him.


"Don't talk to me, you shit asshole..." The man spoke with a serious expression.

"Excuse me, sir. I am a government employee, you can't -" Before the firefighter could've said anything in his defense, he slapped him again.


"Don't you understand what I am saying?" The man asked with a disgusted expression.

"Mr. Luke... You are here." Aria shouted from behind.

"Oh, love... How are you?" Luke asked as he immediately hugged Aria.

'Luke Deckman, #34 Magi of the Year. Works for Nexus Guild, he is an Ice-type magi.

Aria must've called him in order to help.' Sam thought as he looked at him with a serious expression.

"I am alright, sir." Aria replied with a smile.

"So, why did you call me here?" Luke asked with a smile.

"Sir, my house is on fire... Please, can you help me." Aria asked with a fake cute expression.

"Oh, this is your house...? Of course... Why wouldn't I help, my Aria?" Luke spoke as he immediately turned towards the house and raised his hand in order to cast his spell.

<Covetous Gaze>

Sam immediately activated his skill, and his eyes shined bright red as he looked at Luke.

"Ice fall..." Luke said as he released the spell. In an instant, the fire around the house went out, and the whole house got frozen inside a big block of ice.

[You are envious of the target, Skill {Ice Fall} has been copied.]

"Wow... Awesome." Aria pretended to be surprised as she wanted Luke to think of himself as a special person to Aria.

"This is nothing Aria. I have so many spells that I can use..." Luke said as he looked at Aria with a smile.

'What a stupid ass? He can't see that I am just using him.' Aria thought with a smile.

"Oh my god, where are we going to stay now? Our house is destroyed, and we don't have a place to live." Vanessa spoke as she looked at Aria with a sad expression.

"Who is she?" Luke asked with a confused expression.

"She is my mother-like aunt.... Luke. You see all my banking documents have been burned in that fire, and now we don't have any money to spend." Aria spoke with a smile.

"Oh, okay... Okay... I understand." Luke spoke as he immediately walked up to Vanessa and grabbed her right hand.


"Hello, ma'am... I am Luke, Aria's friend. You don't have to worry about anything... I will take care of every single loss you had in this fire, and you will live in a 7-star hotel for the next three months for free.

Every single credit will be on my tab; please feel free to contact me for any money-related issues." Luke spoke with a smile.

'Wow... These bitches really know the art of trapping a man, huh?' Sam thought with a disgusted expression.

"Excuse me... Is this the house that's on fire? I am the government magi that was requested to be here." A middle-aged man said as he stopped in front of Sam.

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