3 Sloth Contract

Only silence remains.

After Sophia entered the large ornate door, no one dared to spear or make a sound.

Lucien was still sitting on the floor near the center with his mind full of thoughts. Thoughts that are all about his mother and how to rescue her from the damn white tower.

Then he turned and looked at his father, who was sitting on the throne, still staring at the large door.

"After the contract is made, will you help me save her?"

The Evil King kept looking at the door and spoke in a debauchery tone.

"You know it's not that simple... First, you will have to go through several challenges and trials with the great demon until both you are powerful and linked to the maximum."

Lucien understood well what his father was talking about,because he and his sisters not only had trained hard over those years, but also had studied a lot, and more than anything, about the pact with great demons.

The Evil King didn't seem to want to talk about the future, or about helping his mother. Lucien knew that his father, first and foremost, thought about the kingdom and it's people. So he could not blame him for being such a good ruler.

If he became strong with the great demon's power, it would be possible not only to be useful in the great war but also to save his mother even without the help of others. That is, of course, if the great demons are as strong as in the legends.

Lucien crossed his legs in a lotus position and began to meditate in the circle in the center of the hall. He wanted to be prepared to make a good contract with a powerful great demon.

However he was not awake when Sophia spoke about there only being Sloth and Lust left. He, like everyone else, was not very aware of what the great demons were like, but based on the name, they could have an idea.

And, following the thought that the great demons had those names for some reason, Lucien would be sure that any of the others might be more suited to him rather than Lust.

The Evil King also thought so. Not restricted to Lucien, none of his children ever showed any sexual interest in others, and each and every one of them had goals other than fighting in the great war as the chosen ones.

This did not mean that the others were very peculiar, but that each great demon saw in them characteristics that made them suitable for the contract.

Even so, it wasn't like everyone was gathered together to be chosen by a great demon. The Evil King declared that they would go one at a time in the summoning chamber, and the most appropriate demon would choose them.

So, the order in which the chosen ones were would be essential to have a better chance with a more appropriate great demon.

The order was decided from the strongest to the weakest, and Lucien, considered to weakest among them, was to have the leftover great demon, even if it was not very suitable for him.


While Lucien meditated in the hall, Sophie meditated in the center of the invocation chamber.

She was doing it as it was written in the ancient books. She just had to sit in the center and wait for the great demon, which was invoked in a ritual that took took than years to be completed, to choose her.

However, several minutes have passed, yet she still hadn't heard or felt anything. She started to take small peeps, but the summoning chamber was very dark, and she didn't want to look nervous.

Sophia didn't notice, but the two great demons were there next to her while arguing.

"What a fucking Sloth! If you don't want to choose someone, you will be left with the last and weakest."

The curvy milf woman's ghost had her eyes closed while she avoided making complex movements. Across the room was the incredible ghost of a delicate lady. She had amazing breasts that are only comparable to her sexy ass.

One is the great demon spirit called Sloth, and the other, is Lust. Both had not found any of the other chosen ones to be suited for them, different from the other great demons.

When Sophia entered the room, Lust had already ruled her out because those passionate eyes were a sign that the girl already loved someone, and it would not be suitable for Lust to have a host who loved only one person.

Lust knew that taking the last one would be risky, so she tried to see the positive sides of Sophia. When she started reading her mind, she couldn't help but be surprised.

Sophia's mind was ten percent about getting stronger and improving her healing magic. Ten percent about fighting for her kingdom and people in the great war coming. And the other eighty percent was all about a boy.

Yet Lust was not impressed by this, because she could see at Sophia's eyes an endless love. She was impressed by the boy, who is the most beautiful man she had ever seen in thousands of years.

The Lust didn't have much information about the boy, but he should be more suited to her than this stupidly romantic girl. She made her choice and wanted the boy regardless of anything, but for him to come, Sophia had to be chosen by Sloth.

"Damn Sloth! Are you sleeping? Or just ignoring me?"

Sloth's ghost, still motionless, let out some muffled sounds and responded in such a low tone that it sounded like a slow whisper.

"Do you wanna take Wrath's place?"

Lust can't help but to roll her eyes.

"The last one and weaker is also the most handsome man of the whole fucking existence, so if you can choose this girl quickly, I will have an excellent sex session ahead."

Now it was Sloth's turn to roll her eyes, but as they were closed, Lust didn't saw.

"But to make a contract through sex... That must be such a hardship..."

Lust's eyes sparkled while she bit her lips without containing the anxiety.

"I hope it will be very hard..."

Sloth didn't want to continue seeing Lust excited, so she started examining Sophia. It was a slow and complicated process that took several minutes.

She read several memories of Sophia, who started to experience chills and a little headache.

"Stay calm, Sophia. I'm seeing if our compatibility is going to be good... Even if it doesn't change anything..."

Sophia was happy that a great demon is interested in her and cannot deny that she liked the calm voice of what appeared to be a kindly grandmother.

She did not understand the last words of the great demon because it was in a very low tone, but she already instinctively trusted that everything would work out.

Almost half an hour later, Sophia stopped feeling any discomfort and opened her eyes. She had gone through several different dreams and did many things with Sloth that brought them closer.

Lust had a wide smile on her face seeing that they are ready for the contract, and she couldn't help but comment.

"It seems that you liked the girl very much. I will leave you alone to make the contract... whatever it will be..."

Both Sophia and Sloth rolled their eyes at the same time, showing that they are already in great synchrony.

After Lust left, Sloth warned Sophia that they were alone and are going to start the contract. But when Sophia heard about the other great demon, she couldn't help asking.

"Will she be nice to my brother?"

Sloth had already shown her true form to Sophia because she trusted her after going through various situations in dreams. She gave the innocent girl an affectionate but concerned look.

"All of us great demons are allies, and that is why we accept these contracts with the same family."

"Each of us will do everything to not only become strong but also protect each other, so Lust will never harm your brother or sisters... but..."

Sophia was happy with Sloth's explanation, but she couldn't hear the last word, and this time she was worried because she is very overprotective towards Lucien.

Before she could ask, Sloth saw her looking concerned and spoke her mind.

"Lust is complicated... She never managed to stay with the same host for a long time because they died horribly."

"But that is not her fault. The problem is that her methods are very peculiar... we are all like that, but in the case of Lust, the host has to have the willpower to not lose their purposes..."

Sophia was increasingly concerned about Sloth's confusing words. But when she heard about the host need much willpower, she couldn't help but smile, making Sloth make a questioning look.

"Lucien is not the strongest of us or the most talented, but he definitely has the strongest will. Even though he was called useless and the weakest by our father, he was always the one who trained harder..."

"All for his dead mother..."

Sloth didn't know what to think about her chosen one. The girl's eyes kept on sparkling as she talked excitedly about her brother, and Sloth can't help but have strange thoughts...

"Will I become the great demon of incest?"

Sloth tried to contain her strange thoughts and focused on making the contract with Sophia. She thought that perhaps after a few years together, Sophia would be too lazy to seek out such a taboo relationship...


After more than an hour, the large ornate doors opened once more, making a loud noise. Lucien came out of his meditation to see his cute sister running towards him with open arms.

He tried to get up and turn around, but Sophia was already used to this action and increased the speed while jumping and hugging his back.

"Stupid brother! Did you try to escape my hugs?!"

Lucien didn't know what to say while Sophia patted his head. When he turned around, he faced the Evil King, who was looking at the siblings with a strange smile on his face.

After a few minutes of more lovely actions, which left traces on Lucien's body, Sophia began to report about the contract.

"My contract with Sloth is a success. Now I have to follow her to another world and complete her wishes and quests so that we can become stronger and more united."

Evil King clapped his hands as he stood from the throne and went towards the siblings, giving high praise to Sophia.

"As expected of my wonderful daughter..."

The King approached and opened his arms to hug Sophia in a way to show some affection in this hour of farewell. But she didn't leave Lucien's back and bowed her head while she tightened her embrace with him.

As none of the siblings seemed to want to say anything else, the King coughed and continued the discussion.

"Ahem! Get your things and go to the portal summoning chamber."

"I hope you don't take too long to complete Sloth's wishes and return safely, my daughter..."

"I'm going to stay here and wait for Lucien to make his contract with Lust."

While the King was saying goodbye, no one showed many reactions, but when he talked about Lucien and Lust, the siblings made the same worried expression. Lucien was the first to comment.

"Will I stay with Lust? How am I supposed to deal with it?!"

Lucien didn't think much about what great demon would make a contract with him, but knowing that it would be Lust was a shock as he is completely innocent in sexual matters.

He tried to argue, but the Evil King screamed severely at him.

"It is not the right of the weakest to choose, but the strong ones! If you are not completely useless and still ran away, maybe you could have another contract."

"But now, Lust is the only way to help your bitch mother, so get in the damn chamber."

Sophia wanted to stop her father, but she knew she could do nothing, and it would only make the situation worse. The Evil King thinks like a king before a father.

Lucien also knew that the Evil King would do nothing to save his mother before he became strong and useful. So if only Lust was left, he couldn't blame anyone because it is his failure as the weakest.

He didn't say anything else and just gave Sophia one last bear hug before entering through the large ornate doors.

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