1 Chaos

**Roughly 3 Months Ago**

“To this address please. Please drive as fast as you can…” I said hurriedly as I handed my business card that had my address on it to the taxi driver.

It’s been years since I’ve last ridden in a taxi. Being a rich socialite like I was, taking the taxi is just out of the question. However, today was different. Everything in my life was changing and I knew it. My body ached from last night and I felt extremely uncomfortable. The fact that the taxi driver kept glancing over at me from the rearview mirror, didn’t help to improve my unstable mood.

I reached my hand into my limited-edition brand handbag and fished out the shameful papers that that man dared to rub in my face last night. My eyes narrowed in anger at the divorce papers that I held in my hands. How dare he sign these divorce papers and then sell me off to another man like that?!

It wasn’t like I didn’t want to divorce from my husband. Marrying him was the worst mistake that I have made in my short life of 25 years. After trying hard to make our relationship successful for the first six months of our marriage, I had completely given up. After that, I have always wanted a divorce so that we could go our separate ways. However, life was always complicated, and things didn’t quite work out that way.

Now after almost two years of marriage and me sucking it up for the sake of maintaining appearances, that bastard dare to divorce me and then sell me?

What a joke…

I’m going to go and give him a piece of my mind before we go our separate ways. I pray that I will never have to see his sorry face ever again in my life. My chest felt tight, and I was breathing hard now in my extreme anger. It took all my self-control to stop myself from crumpling and tearing the divorce papers into a million pieces.

Of course, I wouldn’t do that. That bastard finally signed these papers so now I can go ahead and process our divorce. Best moment of my life in such a long time.

My husband was loaded and that was probably the only reason why my adoptive parents arranged for me to marry him in the first place. He was into real estate and heads many hedge funds on top of that. He is famous for his wealth, luxurious lifestyle, and his business achievements. Basically, well known as one of the investment kings. After going on a date with him three times and sleeping with him once, he proposed to me, and I married him the month after to the shock and dismay of many other single and available women that were undoubtedly on his list.

I smirked with satisfaction. Now that he’s willing to settle this with a divorce, I’m going to walk away rich from this sorry mess. No longer will I have to deal with him and his violent temper. Of course, I’m not dreaming of gaining control of half of his wealth or anything that significant. Just getting a slim cut of that would already be more than enough for me to live a luxurious life somewhere on a private island for the rest of my life. I guess I could float around in the socialite circle as a rich and beautiful divorcee as well. Perhaps, I should get into charity and build a sophisticated image for myself in the world.

The taxi screeched to a stop in front of a skyscraper housing one of the most expensive condominiums in the city center.

“Why are you parking here? Park right in front of the entrance so I don’t have to walk…” I said before giving the driver a cold stare.

“Miss, there’s a huge crowd and many cars are blocking the way in front of the building. I can’t go on from here. You have to get our here, I’m sorry…” the driver replied in a shaky voice.

I sighed as I tried to tell myself not to take my devilish bad mood on the poor man. He’s just a taxi driver…

Breathe, Elena, breathe…

I paid the driver with a thick wad of cash before getting out of the car without waiting for the change. My legs wobbled a little from exhaustion as I walked along towards the entrance of the building in my patent red high heel shoes. The driver was right, there was a huge crowd of people and cars in front of the building.

I could tell from their smell that they were reporters. However, it was the police cars and ambulance with the sirens on top that caught my attention. Did something happen in the building? An accident? Did someone get hurt?

What is the building management doing? Why did they let things get so out of hand to affect the lives of the other residents like this? When I’m done dealing with my soon-to-be ex-husband, I’m going to deal with them next.

“Excuse me…I live here…” I said as I stared down my beautiful and perfect nose at the reporters who were standing in my way.

“Oh My God! It’s Elena!”

“Everyone this way! She’s here!”

“Elena, please look this way!”

Reporters and paparazzi. This is nothing new. They’re always so excited to see me. I put a hand to shield my face a little from the camera to add a much-desired hint of mystique. In reality, I was shielding my face because my makeup was unfortunately imperfect right now. I was in a rush and considering my shock of what happened last night, I just didn’t bother to touch up my make-up before leaving that place.

“Yes, of course it’s me. Who else could it be?” I said teasingly.

“Please answer our questions!”

“What happened to your husband?”

“We heard that he’s injured?”

“Why are you not home with him? Have you met him?”

“Elena, please explain to us what is going on!”

--To be continued...

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