Luscious Ambition

In the city of Destiny Central, everyone is known for their status, riches, and their many love stories... Everyone but one man, Shiro Moji. A loser born in North America who luckily found himself getting a full ride scholarship to Matsugaya University, the best college known in Destiny Islands. Shiro is only a semester in and already he figures he's at the bottom of the food chain. He can't seem to upgrade his status, he doesn't have a lot of money to his name, and most importantly he is maidenless! Nothing seems to go right for him until he gets a text from an anonymous number sending a voice note that sends Shiro to sleep, which gives this entity enough time to treat Shiro to a new life... ------------------------ From the creator of Destiny Harem, this will be the ULTIMATE final rendition of Destiny Harem! This version tops all others, I promise. For those who is coming back to read my stories, I hope you enjoy and I promise to make this the best novel for all of you! Note(s): •Erotic Novel Galore! •Every [18+] chapter you are free to skip, it doesn't necessarily pertain to the main plot other than the usual "Power Up" ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. •Chapter Updates every Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday.

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The Wise and The Hero (18+)

[Day: Wednesday]

[Time: Evening]

[Location: Twilight City]

I parked my car in the plaza's parking lot, getting out and looking around for Chloe. I noticed she wasn't here yet, so I decided to take a seat at a nearby bench. As I waited, I worked on my System, upgrading my traits and unlocking new skills and abilities.

Minutes went by and Chloe texted me that she was only a few minutes away. I had to wait a little longer for her arrival, but I was excited to see her again. My heart raced like a horse, my entire being unable to sit still while I patiently waited.

Finally, Chloe's ride arrived at the plaza and she hurried over to me. As I noticed her approaching, a blush ran across my face, admiring her look. Her hair was curled to perfection, her winter outfit showing off her figure, and her cheerful and bubbly smile sent a warm sensation around my body.

"Shiro!~" Chloe said excitedly, quickly embracing me in a tight and loving hug.

I returned her hug, my heart beating faster within her presence. Our hug lasted for quite a while before we let each other go.

"I wanted to invite Char out with us, but she had gotten busy. I'm happy it's just us two though..~ I can't wait to spend this entire evening with you," Chloe said, holding my hands and gazing into my eyes.

I smiled at her, my eyes meeting hers. I couldn't hide my excitement as I had many activities planned for us. "We're gonna have fun, but first...are you hungry?~"

"Mhm!~ I could go for a nice burger right about now, my tummy is getting really upset at me," Chloe answered, patting her growling stomach and giggling softly.

I chuckled softly with Chloe, interlocking our fingers together as I prepared to walk with her to the nearest fast food restaurant. "I bet she is, putting her through all that torture..~"

Chloe chuckled softly and stuck closely to me. "Hey~ It wasn't like it was intentional! All I had was a bowl of Lucky Charms and I didn't even get to eat at work today.."

I smiled at Chloe as she began to tell me about her day at work. She had lots of gossip to tell me and it was all interesting. This gossip wasn't like your typical girl talk, no...this gossip was Sanctuary University level.

Chloe told me how she had gotten into a fight with one of her co-workers because her peer didn't like she was getting all of the attention. Chloe told me she doesn't really like the attention she gets because she genuinely didn't like her job. She did win the fight so at least I knew Chloe could actually throw hands, but is that surprising? Her closest friends are Naomi and Charlotte, two of the most hardcore women I currently know.

"Yeah, it sucks actually...and I barely get paid anything! Like I could have the best performance I could ever manifest and it's like it doesn't matter. I have to rely on my cuts from Naomi's missions to survive," Chloe said, letting out a soft sigh and looking at the golden hue of the evening sky, "I just wish...things could've played out differently for me...but if it did go differently, I probably wouldn't have met you..~"

I glanced at Chloe then smiled at her, giving her a soft chuckle. "The best we can do right now is look forward to the future together. Our future."

[Charm/Love EXP +3500]

Chloe beamed a loving smile at me, a blush growing on her face as she had a fangirl moment within herself. She imagined millions of different fantasies and scenarios in her head, her happiness growing to the point where she began spacing out.

We continued our stroll to a fast food joint, our conversations filled with stories and laughter. I didn't know what it was, but something about Chloe really just made me happy. No matter what we talked about, I always listened and answered back with great interest in the topic.


We finally made it to a restaurant called Beef House, a fast food restaurant that specializes in burgers in Twilight City. It was my first time here, so the building took me by surprise when I first laid my eyes upon it. It was a nice looking restaurant and the inside seemed lively.

Chloe and I made our way inside, standing in line and looking over at the menu. I subtly looked over Lustie and Passion, seeing if they wanted anything as well.

"That Impossible Triple House Burger looks so delicious...Shiro, I need that burger!" Lustie said, practically drooling over the burger.

"You won't even finish that shit. You see how big that burger is?" Passion said, glancing at Lustie then looked back at the menu.

"Then split it with me," Lustie said, smiling at Passion.

Passion looked at Lustie then softly grunted, looking away a bit. "A-Alright..."

I smiled at the two as they figured out what they wanted. I looked over at Chloe who was still thinking, not knowing what she wanted exactly. I looked at the menu, scanning each option before my eyes fell upon a particular meal.

"I think I'm gonna get the Number 10," Chloe said to herself, looking at the same meal I was looking at.

"The number 10 huh? I was just looking at that one too," I chuckled softly, looking at the other options as we waited for the line to move.

"Great minds think alike..~" Chloe chuckled, playfully nudging me.

I smiled at Chloe, playfully poking her forehead. She couldn't help but giggle and smile at me, her heart slightly racing faster. The line began moving, finally, Chloe and I placing our order. I paid for the meals, grabbing a sign with a number on it.

After getting the receipt, we went to find a table to sit. We found a cozy table that was near the back where there weren't too many people. We took our seats and Chloe let out a content sigh.

Chloe began to people watch, seeing who was in the restaurant as well. She watched families placing their order, having fun conversations with each other, and the smiles on the children's faces. "Even Twilight City can be such a fun place at times..~"

I gazed at Chloe, admiring her beauty and her facial features. I noticed she had glanced at me, noticing me staring at her.

Chloe smiled at me then put her full attention on me. "What's up?~ Is something on my face?" She asked, wiping her face for whatever was on it.

I chuckled softly, shaking my head. "No, nothing's on your face..~ It's just...I can't stop looking at you. You're really beautiful, and I want you to know that.."

[Mmm...Spit your game, Shiro!]

[Flirting/Romance EXP +6000]

Chloe's blushed like never before, shyly looking down and fidgeting a bit. She had the cutest smile on her face, her demeanor becoming more bashful and submissive. "Thank you..~ I-I really appreciate it..~ Y-You're very handsome yourself...all the time."

I smiled at Chloe, reaching over the table to gently hold her chin, making her look up at me so she could meet my eyes. Our eyes locked and that same spark between us when we first met was still there, that spark shining brighter than before.

Soon, our number was called, prompting me to get up and grab our meals. After returning to the table, I gave Chloe her items and I took mine. Lustie and Passion took food, both of them sitting on the table in their tiny companion forms.

We began to eat, making small talk in between. Chloe wondered about our other plans, which I was still going through. I still planned for us to get ice cream and enjoy the night together, a deserved night for the both of us. I could tell Chloe was just as excited as I was, the talk of our plans hyping her up.

We finished our meals, hanging out at the table for a bit longer, chatting and just yapping about whatever came into mind. I swear our conversations switched multiple times, but I didn't mind at all. I was comfortable with listening to Chloe talk my ear off about her favorite shows and books. The more I learned about Chloe, the more attracted I felt toward her. The stronger my Ambition and Desires became to completely make her mine.


After leaving Beef House, Chloe and I decided to explore around Twilight City. We strolled around the plaza together, looking around for different stores to shop at and sightseeing. Despite Twilight City sitting between Destiny Central and Sanctuary City, it had some of the most beautiful scenes within the entire island.

We began hitting a few stores, me buying Chloe whatever she wanted since I literally had money to throw around for her. Chloe wasn't a shopper like the Sanctuary City Girls and a few girls who attend Matsugaya. She didn't want much from me and whatever she did ask for, it wasn't expensive in the slightest.

With a few bags in hand, Chloe and I began to walk back to my car to put them in my car so we wouldn't have to tote bags around the entire time. After the last bag went inside, we continued forward with our date.

"I think I'm ready for ice cream now..~ My sweet tooth is now activated," Chloe giggled, looking at me with a bright smile.

I smiled at Chloe, giving her a nod. "Gotcha, I believe we passed by a ice cream shop not too long ago."

With that, we began to make our way to the ice cream shop, making our plans for ice cream into a happy reality for Chloe. I didn't realize how much she loved ice cream until now because she practically dragged me inside the store. I didn't mind the fact she was dragging me because frankly my sweet tooth had also activated.

The line wasn't too long, so we got our ice cream cones and walked out of the shop to enjoy our frozen treat together. We decided to walk along a path together, nothing being able to ruin our night. As we strolled around, I noticed a man walking toward us. The man had medium length golden hair, emerald green eyes, and a marking on the side of his neck. My intuition immediately didn't trust this man, so I took a detour, wrapping my arm around Chloe's waist and moving along another path which she didn't seem to mind.

[You ducked pretty fast. What's up?]

'That man. Scan him,' I said to Lust-E, my eyes keeping track on the guy.

Lust-E targeted the man I saw and scanned him, acquiring his data. She beeped and I looked at my watch.

[Information Acquired.]

[That man you dodged...That was Kismet, Destiny Central's Luckiest Man.]

'And that marking?" I questioned, curious about Kismet, needing to know what I could about him.

[It's a black four leaf clover. It's a symbolism for Jinx. Since he doesn't have Luckie like he was supposed to, he opted for another form of Luck... Jinxing others to make himself luckier.]

"Jinxing huh? That's actually an interesting ability not very used. Kismet is actually a threat as he is in the same rank as Vance, a Sub Leader of The Syndicates," Lustie said, looking back at Kismet who kept walking as if he didn't notice us.

'I'm really not trying to get into a fight tonight, and I'm guessing he knew that and didn't engage either. Thank the Heavens...,' I said to myself.

[It's good he didn't. Not only are there too many witnesses, but too many innocents are around including Chloe. Plus I don't want Chloe getting hurt.]

'Me neither, but we're safe now so I'm gonna lock in, capeesh?' I said to Lust-E.


Chloe and I continued on our date, exploring every corner of the plaza together hand in hand. While we kept strolling around, Chloe had the sudden urge to finally succumb to her desires and asked to go on a shopping spree. I accepted, of course, the two of us now going to every store we wanted to go to and liked. I didn't have to worry about money so I let Chloe shop until she dropped.

We hit a few stores around the area, Chloe opting for more expensive items this go around. Each store we went to, we ended up leaving with at least 4 bags of items. I could tell Chloe was happy with all of her loot and we went back to my car a second time to put everything away and got in my car to head to Destiny Central.

"Alright, to Destiny Central we go..~" I said, starting the engine of my car and dropping the roof.

Chloe smiled brightly, memories of our joyride flooding her mind. She was getting excited let her hair flow with the wind along our drive to Destiny Central. She put on her seatbelt and got comfortable for the ride.

I drove off to Destiny Central, Lust-E helping me sort out what Chloe and I should do in Destiny Central. As I drove, I could hear Chloe singing along with a song that came on my playlist. I glanced at Chloe, her beautiful voice catching me off guard. She looked so happy singing this one song, her hair whipping with the wind and her positive energy embracing the both of us.

I couldn't help but smile as she sang, her singing voice really putting me at ease. The drive suddenly became the most comforting drive I've experienced, and I couldn't ask for a more comforting moment.

[Day: Wednesday]

[Time: Evening]

[Location: Destiny Dreams]

We finally arrived at Destiny Central, stopping at Destiny Dreams for the night to get our hotel room. Once I got the key card for our room, we went toward the Elevator. As we made our way to the elevators, I noticed a few people looking at me, curious and jealous about how I had another woman with me at this hotel.

I ignored them as I wasn't concerned about their curiosity nor jealousy. All I had on my mind was ending this night with the best ending, and I could tell Chloe was in the same boat as me, her shy smiles and glances at me evident with her rosy cheeks.

Finally, the elevator doors opened, allowing us to step in after the other set of people came out. The elevator ride up to our floor was silent, but it was a good type of silence. The temperature slowly began increasing because of Chloe's body heat, her arousal increasing each second.

We finally got out of the elevator and went straight to our room. Immediately after walking in, Chloe took my hand, leading me toward the couch that was inside.

"Damn, straight to it huh..?~ No foreplay..?~" I teased, getting gently sat down on the couch.

Chloe smiled at me, slowly mounting on top of me and wrapping her arms around my nape. "I'm already ready for you..but I think I can do some outercourse...like this.."

Chloe began leaning into me, our lips connecting into a passionate kiss. Our kisses started off soft and simple, soon to erupt into a deep, fiery passion. Chloe began to slowly get off me, getting down onto her knees to unbuckle my belt.

"Usually I would charge men for sex, but for you...and now onto forever, my body is yours..~" Chloe vowed, slowly pulling my pants and underwear down to my ankles.

I looked down at Chloe, giving her a lustful smile. "I'll make sure to take extra care of you then..~"

Chloe blushed more as I caressed her cheek, her heart beating against her chest and her mind only set on satisfying me. "I know you will...and I'll make sure you're very taken care of as well..~" She replied, her fingers slowly wrapping around my shaft.

After a bit more flirting and getting Chloe even more riled up, she finally took my member into her mouth, the warm and wet sensation sending a shocking pleasure around my body. Her head began to move up and down along my cock, her tongue smoothly moving around from my base to the tip.

I closed my eyes and leaned my head up, letting Chloe go to work. My hand found itself gripping her hair as she started bobbing her head faster. Soft moans slipped from my lips once the sensation began to take over my body, my lust for Chloe rapidly rising. I began to slouch down on the couch, my body growing weak at her mercy.

My mind couldn't process how good Chloe was. She was comparable to Krystal herself and my body knew that. Chloe rose her head to catch her breath, standing up and taking off her coat dress and setting it along the arm of the couch.

Chloe began to slowly slide down her panties then took off her bra, exposing her natural beauty to me. She looked a bit shy, but that shyness didn't stop her from straddling on top of me. "I'm never... usually this excited for sex..~ I need to feel you inside..~"

"Then go ahead..~ I won't stop you..~" I said softly, feeling her forehead press against mine.

Chloe stared deeply into my eyes as she rose her hips and took hold of my shaft, slowly sliding it inside her. She gripped the back of the couch, letting out soft moans as she began to sink down onto my member, burying my full length inside her.

We began kissing as she slowly moved her hips back and forth. Both of our bodies loved the sensation, we couldn't get enough of it and we had just started. After breaking the kiss, Chloe began to bounce up and down my cock , her moans now growing in volume. My eyes found themselves watching Chloe's breasts bounce up and down, and my mind wanted me to take her breasts into my mouth.

I gave in to my intrusive thoughts, bringing one if her breasts into my mouth. Chloe loved it, causing her to move harder along my cock. She began panting heavily, her first climax of the night building up inside her.

"Shiro..!" She softly cried out, wrapping her arms around my nape. Her voice began to grow shaky and her panting became heavier. She groaned softly as she began to cum along my shaft.

Chloe began slowing down, kissing my lips out of pure passion, lust, and love. Our kiss was sloppy, we didn't care about keeping it clean anymore as we only wanted to please each other.

As we continued to kiss, I picked her up to take her to the bed. I had forgotten that my pants were at my ankles, and after a few steps, I tripped and we both fell onto the bed.

Chloe laughed a bit, her arms still around me. "C-Careful..~"

I chuckled softly, kicking my pants and underwear off my ankles. "My bad..~ Guess it slipped my mind that I still had my pants around my ankles..~"

After sharing our laugh, we continued our session, getting right back to kissing. We both completely got on the bed with Chloe lying on her back and me positioned between her legs.

I leaned down to kiss her lips, giving her a seductive chuckle. "It's my turn to take lead now..~" I said, my voice tinged with lust and desire.

"Please do..~" Chloe replied, her voice and demeanor extremely submissive.

I began to bring my shaft closer to her snatch, sliding it inside her, causing Chloe to arch her back and moan. I began thrusting inside her, each thrust causing Chloe to lose control of herself. I kept dominating Chloe, her grip on my arms becoming tighter.

"Nngh!!~ Hold me!~ Hold me..!~" Chloe begged, her sweet moans filling the room and my head.

I wrapped my arms around Chloe's waist, burying my face in her neck. I began drilling my cock inside her, my body screaming her name. Chloe's moans and pants became filled with bliss and desperation for me to mark my territory inside her.

Chloe wrapped arms around me, not wanting me to let her go nor stop. "Shiro..!~ Shiro!!~"

I listened to her ecstatic moans and cries, her whines and begging. I could feel her inner walls squeezing my member, sensing her second climax building up. I sat up and began to thrust faster and rougher, holding her thighs tightly. I began losing my rhythm, my climax building up rapidly.

"Chloe, I'm close..!" I warned, my panting growing heavier with hers.

"Haah..!~ Yes..!~ I want it..!~" Chloe begged, her hands gripping my wrists tightly.

I kept thrusting, my body becoming tense as I grew even closer. Finally, I gave my final thrust, cumming inside her and she came at the same time I did, covering her mouth to deafen her scream from the electrifying pleasure.

Chloe let my wrists go slowly, covering her eyes with her arm. She began catching her breath and relax. I slid my shaft out of her then sat down on the bed with a satisfied smile on my face.

[Bond with Chloe MAX!]

[Love/Lust EXP +5000]

[Love Level UP!]

[Love Level: 17 (Bond and Affection Meter increases faster.)]

Chloe finally caught her breath, looking over at me with a smile. She sniffled a bit, her makeup now all messed up. "You...were the best I've ever had...truly..~"

I looked at Chloe and chuckled softly. "Yeah..?~"

"Mhm..~ I can't even feel my legs anymore..~" Chloe giggled softly then snugged against me as best as she could. "You really know your stuff..~"

I held Chloe close to me, smiling softly at her. "You do too..~ Had me looking like the Undertaker with my eyes rolling back..~"

Chloe laughed softly then closed her eyes. "Should've seen me..~ I was the one looking possessed..~"

I softly chuckled and sighed softly. "I guess I didn't notice since my face was in your neck..~"

Chloe smiled at my response, slowly drifting off. "I'm so sleepy now..~ I can't even stay awake..~"

"Get some rest..~ I'll still be here when you wake up..~" I said, gently running my fingers through her hair.

Chloe nodded and began to drift to sleep peacefully. "Goodnight..~"

"Sleep well..~" I said softly.

[Date with Chloe successful!]

[Date Analysis: Kept Chloe happy the entire time, Money Spent: Hella cash, Had sex with Chloe (finally)]

[Rank: XXX]

[Credi Earned: 70,000 (28,000 went to Luckie)]

"I know Luckie and Charismari are mad. They just missed the performance of a life time..~" Lustie chuckled, looking at me and Chloe.

"Yeah I can't lie, this was very enjoyable...Time to swap my panties..." Passion said then vanished.

Lustie chuckled softly then floated toward me to kiss my cheek. "You get some good sleep to, Superstar..~ You're gonna need it..~"

I smiled at Lustie then pulled her toward me to kiss her lips. 'You sleep as well..~'

Lustie softly giggled then turned into her tiny companion form. "I was already ahead of you, Bub..~"

Lustie landed on the nightstand and laid down, closing her eyes to get some sleep as well.