Luscious Ambition

In the city of Destiny Central, everyone is known for their status, riches, and their many love stories... Everyone but one man, Shiro Moji. A loser born in North America who luckily found himself getting a full ride scholarship to Matsugaya University, the best college known in Destiny Islands. Shiro is only a semester in and already he figures he's at the bottom of the food chain. He can't seem to upgrade his status, he doesn't have a lot of money to his name, and most importantly he is maidenless! Nothing seems to go right for him until he gets a text from an anonymous number sending a voice note that sends Shiro to sleep, which gives this entity enough time to treat Shiro to a new life... ------------------------ From the creator of Destiny Harem, this will be the ULTIMATE final rendition of Destiny Harem! This version tops all others, I promise. For those who is coming back to read my stories, I hope you enjoy and I promise to make this the best novel for all of you! Note(s): •Erotic Novel Galore! •Every [18+] chapter you are free to skip, it doesn't necessarily pertain to the main plot other than the usual "Power Up" ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. •Chapter Updates every Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday.

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Saving Twilight City

[Day: Thursday]

[Time: Afternoon]

[Location: Twilight City Park]

The showdown began, a three on three fair fight, Charlotte, Naomi, and I getting ready to take on The Syndicates Sub-Leaders. I had my sights not only to defeat Vance, but to take Talenta with me.

Immediately, without any words, I rushed toward Vance with the intent of breaking his will and his bones. I threw the first attack, but Vance managed to block it but barely could withstand my Bloodlusted Strength. He went for a counter, but I evaded, countering with a Destiny Flash to his midsection, knocking him back.

Vance recovered quickly and sent Talenta to strike me down, however Charismari was on the prowl for my defense, blocking Talenta's attack with her angelic energy alone. Talenta and Charismari pushed each other back then Charismari spread her white wings and her cross necklace shined brightly, turning into The Sword of The Saint.

Naomi kicked Kismet away, her focus mainly on me and Vance. 'Their energies are surreal...But Shiro's...is definitely terrifying to say the least...'

"Charismari, Lustie, Luckie...Jump Talenta. Make sure she can't respond to Vance's commands. Break her will to fight," I commanded.

"Ohhh shit! You're in big trouble now sis!" Lustie laughed, her red aura spiralling around her body.

Charismari giggled softly then her eyes began to shine blood red. "We will get this done quickly~"

Luckie's cloak flowed with the wind and she flicked a golden coin in the air then caught it. "Talenta, I hope you're ready! This is a street fight now!"

Talenta grunted softly as she was now outnumbered. She prepared herself by raising her power to match the combined numbers of my Love Demons. "Hmph...Allow me to show you three fools why I am One in a Million.."

The four Love Demons took to the sky, leaving Vance and I without Love Demons to fall back on. It was now time to see what Vance truly had to offer for himself.

"The playing field is even now, Vance. We have no one to run to now...When I beat you a second time, Talenta is mine," I said to Vance, walking toward him.

Vance gave me a confident smirk, watching me closely. "Let's see it then, Moji! Show me what you've go—"

I landed a Superkick on his face to make him shut up then pivoted into a spinning kick to knock him back. Vance caught his footing, shaking his head to alleviate the pain, but was caught by a few jabs to his face. He tried to counter once again, but I leaned back, weaving his attack by a margin then grabbed his wrist. Vance tried to pull away, but I pulled him toward me to land a knee on his stomach, but he caught my knee and dished out a headbutt to knock me back.

Finding his momentum, Vance rushed me with quick strikes to disorientate me then grabbed my arm, shoving me toward a light post. A loud metallic sound was heard as I slammed into the post, causing Naomi and Charlotte to become slightly distracted.

"Keep your eyes on me!" Lane bellowed, striking Charlotte with a clean right hook, staggering her.

Charlotte was quick to recover and blocked Lane's next punch, countering him into a headlock. She ran forward and let out a yell as she shoved him into a car in the parking lot. Lane fell to the ground, writhing in pain as he held his face. Charlotte wasn't done yet, picking Lane up by his hair and trying to slam his face into the trunk of a nearby car.

Lane quickly countered by elbowing Charlotte's face to get her off him. He struck her with a back kick then a Superkick of his own, knocking Charlotte onto one knee. He took some time to recollect himself and looked over to see how Vance was doing with me.

Vance and I were trading blows, both of us equally matched in a sense. As Vance went for his next punch, I blocked it then leg swept Vance to the ground then mounted on top of him, delivering consecutive blows to his face with Vance trying to block each shot.

Vance finally managed to block my next attack, pushing me off him then quickly got up before I did and dished out a powerful kick to my stomach, causing me to groan in pain. I tried to get up before Vance could prepare another move, but Vance was a bit faster, landing a clean kick to my temple to knock me down. Vance laughed softly as he looked down at me then began to repeatedly stomp on my back.

"Shiro!" Chloe yelled out and looked up at Passion for her to help me. "Go help him!"

Passion watched the fight, wanting to help but she didn't want to leave Chloe alone in case a stray bullet was heading her way. 'Shiro...get up...'

[Stamina Meter has lowered to 80%]

"What's wrong, Moji?! Can't fight back anymore?!" Vance taunted as he kicked me aside. He walked toward me then paused and noticed my wounds healing extremely fast.

'What the heck..? How did he heal..?' Vance thought to himself, now more cautious.

I slowly got up, my hair slowly falling over my eyes. I could feel my blood boiling with anger and determination to defeat Vance, no matter what I had to do. 'Thank you, E.'

[Desire Exhibition comes in handy. Now it's time for you to get up...and show him what WE can do.]

I let out my Tribal Howl and my energy had become much stronger than before. I moved my hair from my eyes and my eyes shined brightly, my glare meeting Vance's surprised look.

With my second wind, I gave no time for Vance to ask any questions as I immediately rushed toward him and dodged his strike to get behind him and wrap my arms behind him. I bellowed as I rose him off his feet and suplexed him onto the ground. I rolled over, getting onto my feet again to slam him down with another suplex then rolled backwards and got up to slam him with a third suplex.

I let Vance go and quickly got up and waited for him to get up. As I watched Vance, Lane rushed behind me to sneak attack me, but I sensed him and dodged his attack from behind. I began to block each one of his attacks then countered with a kick to his stomach.

Charlotte seized the opportunity to catch Lane off, turning him around and swept him his feet with a kick. She took his legs between her arms and spun around around to lift him off the ground. She let out a yell as she sent Lane flying into a metal sign. Lane groaned loudly as landed on the ground.

"Charlotte!" Naomi called out as she ran after Kismet.

Charlotte turned around quickly, barely dodging Kismet's strike and went for a kick but Kismet caught her leg, however it was a part of her ploy. She hopped up and struck Kismet with an enzuigiri, making him let go of Charlotte and stumbled backwards into Naomi. Naomi hit Kismet with a drop kick, making him stumble toward Charlotte. Charlotte caught Kismet and immediately slammed him down with her Starbreaker.

"Yes! Go Nao Nao! Go Char! Go Shiro!" Chloe cheered as she watched, noticing the three of us finding our momentum.

Vance noticed Lane and Kismet were now out of commission for the moment then scoffed, looking back over at me. He then looked up and noticed Talenta practically getting bullied by Lustie, Charismari, and Luckie.

Talenta tried to create some distance but with her being outnumbered, she couldn't find room to breath and form a suitable plan for herself. She blocked Lustie's strike only to be sliced from behind by Charismari and knocked to the ground with Luckie's tail. Talenta crashed through the roof of the pavilion and through the picnic tables.

Vance watched as Talenta struggled to get up, his disappointment in Talenta evident within his facial expression. "Pathetic...The Embodiment of Talent can't find the right talents to defeat those beneath you.."

"Coming from the same guy who can't beat me. You believe you have any room to talk about her? Someone you don't even respect..? Someone you don't love? The difference between you and I is I love my Guides...and that Love is why I am above you," I said then hopped up and down, energizing my body. "Even without them at my side, their power fuels me...They all do..."

I closed my eyes and began to connect with each woman I marked around Destiny Islands. Chloe grunted as her Sigil began to shine then looked at me in awe. I could feel the love of each woman I marked, their sigils and energies responding to my call.

'It's...just like in the story. He's...calling out to us..' Chloe thought to herself then closed her eyes. 'We need to respond...'

Passion noticed Chloe answering my calls and watched as 11 orbs of energy from across the Island floating toward me and entering my body. She could feel my energy increase rapidly, the love from each woman powering my body even further.


I took a deep breath then exhaled slowly, opening my eyes after. I could hear them cheering me on. Whitney. Akira. Gloria. Krystal. Habilee. Amber. Aubrie. Ashley. Lustie. Jessica. Baylee...and Chloe. I could hear them wanting me to win this fight against Vance, I felt their belief in me...their faith in me.

[Shiro, you've...actually done it. You...can harness power from Love Sigils! The Power of Love...is actually real..]

"The Power of Love huh..? As corny as it sounds...I like it. I love it...This is exactly what a Tribal Leader needs," I chuckled softly then slammed my fist against my hand. "Vance! You're finished!"

[Awakening Level 2!]

Vance grunted as my Awakening had grown even stronger and began to sweat slightly. 'What is this..?! This energy doesn't feel...Earthly anymore. I can no longer understand it...'

"What's the matter..? Getting cold feet now..?" I asked coldly, chuckling softly at Vance.


I roared then dashed toward Vance, swiftly hitting him with a flying knee and sent him flying backwards then landed into a running start. I sprinted toward Vance then struck Vance with my Sanctuary Combo, knocking him upwards with a kick then sprung upwards to deliver a powerful flying Superkick, iridescent lightning flashing upon impact and knocking Vance deep within the park's trail.

Vance rolled along the ground, grunting as sticks and thorns tagged him then he rolled down a small hill into a puddle. He slowly began to stand up, coughing and catching his breath. He noticed a large orb of energy flying straight toward him at high speeds, but he managed to evade it, watching it fly into a tree and explode. His eyes widened in shock as he noticed the damage it did to the tree and the surrounding area.

Vance turned around then noticed me leaping into the sky above him and he looked surprised. "Talenta! Talenta help me!"

Talenta warped toward Vance's aid and noticed me coming down with a axe kick with my foot encased in iridescent energy. She tried to use her shield to block, but grunted as I began to overpower her.

"Get out of my way!" I bellowed as I crashed down with Talenta onto the ground.

Naomi, Charlotte, and Chloe hurried toward to our location to make sure I was okay. They noticed a smoke in the distance and began to grow worried, putting haste into their steps.

"Pathetic! You're crying for help now?! Maybe you don't deserve Talenta after all!" I roared as I struck Vance with a Spear, sending both of us down another hill.

As we rolled down the hill, each of us tried to get the upper hand until we landed on a flat surface. Talenta flew toward me at high speeds and quickly spun in a circle, slashing at me but Lustie warped in front of me and blocked the attack with her tail.

"It's time you opened your eyes, Athena! It's time for you to see that Shiro is the real hero and not some criminal!" Lustie yelled then used her Banshee Call to disorientate both Vance and Talenta.

I rushed toward Vance and leaped toward him with a flying Destiny Flash, staggering him greatly then landed another Destiny Flash then another. Destiny Flash after Destiny Flash, Vance couldn't withstand my attacks anymore because after each Destiny Flash, I was growing slightly stronger due to the succession. I finished off my combo with a Love Bomb directly to his chest, blowing him away and blowing myself away as well from the recoil. We both slammed into a tree and fell to the ground.

[Stamina has lowered to 40%]

[Wrap this up!]

I stood up and my body was growing extremely tired as my energy usage was becoming insanely high. I looked at my hand then balled it into a fist then Charismari appeared behind me, encasing my arm with Heavenly Energy.

I was now locked and loaded then waited for Vance to get up, stalking him as he slowly recovered to his feet. Once he rose to his feet, I charged at him and with my Tribal War Cry, delivered a decisive Heavenly Impact to his body, sending him crashing through an entire tree.

"Look!" Chloe pointed, noticing a tree falling into another which caused a domino effect of a few trees falling over.

Naomi and Charlotte watched in complete awe then the three hurried over toward my location, now extremely worried about me.

I panted softly then my Awakening deactivated and I fell to my knees, now exhausted. I tried to find the strength to stand back up, but my body was so tired that I could barely move. Despite the pain my body was in, I managed to stand up and walk toward Vance, snapping my fingers then Lust-E made my handgun appear in my hand.

Vance laid on the ground motionless, his body in too much pain for him to even move. He noticed me walking toward him and grunted as I stomped on his chest and aimed my gun straight to his head.

"I'm willing to give you your final words...Make them good because these will be the last words you ever speak," I said coldly, my eyes heartless as I stared down at Vance.

Vance chuckled softly then closed his eyes. "Just because you have beaten me...doesn't mean you've won the war. Sebastian, Lane, Kismet, Axel and everyone else will stop at nothing to kill you if you kill me. Think about what will happen to your precious women once they get word that you've killed me."

"Nothing will happen to them... because as long as I'm breathing...as long as I'm standing...as long as I'm alive, they won't even get a chance to succeed in their plans. If those are your final words, then you've wasted your pathetic breath, scum," I said, staring Vance in the eyes.

"I'll see you in he—"

I didn't let Vance finish his sentence before pulling the trigger, sending a bullet right between his eyes. His eyes quickly became pale, his life now gone. Talenta grunted loudly, holding her head as she was now becoming free from Vance's hold. The chains within her heart broke, and she was finally free.

Lustie caught Talenta in her arms, noticing Talenta had passed out due to the sudden trauma her heart had endured after becoming free. She gazed at Talenta with a soft smile, happy to have her sister back by her side.

I closed my eyes and fell back on the ground, finally being able to rest. Soon, I heard footsteps hurrying behind me and heard the voices of Naomi, Charlotte, Chloe, and Passion. I slowly sat up and turned toward them.

"Shiro!" Chloe yelled out then hurried toward me, getting on the ground and hugging me tightly from behind. "Oh I'm so glad you're okay!"

I smiled a bit at Chloe, closing my eyes and resting against her. "Me too..~"

Naomi and Charlotte hurried toward me as well, checking on me and making sure I was truly okay. I reassured them that I was alright, but deep inside I was too tired to even move. Naomi looked over at Vance, noticing he was dead on the ground with a bullet wound in his head.

'He actually did it...He killed Vance. Good...now next us Lane so I can free my cousin and her friends...but for now without Vance, The Syndicates definitely took a hit in power. They won't be an issue for a while..' Naomi thought to herself then put her attention back on me.

With the help of Chloe, Charlotte, and Naomi, I was able to get back onto my feet and they helped me back over to the main area of the park. The fight was utter chaos like any real street fight, but in the end...Karma came out victorious and now they officially own Twilight City and they were one step closer to uniting Sanctuary City to Destiny Central again.

[Bond with Naomi drastically increased.]

[Bond with Charlotte drastically increased.]

[Love EXP +12,000]

[Mission Complete: Defeated The Syndicates and saved Twilight City]

[Reward: All Traits EXP +10,000, Credi Earned +100,000, New Love Demon Available.]


[Day: Thursday]

[Time: Evening]

[Location: Naomi's House]

Naomi laid me on her bed gently, making sure I was comfortable then sat down on the edge of the bed. She stared at me, slowly brushing my hair from my face. "You were amazing out there...seeing you out there was like a dream, and I really appreciate you so much for this.."

I looked at Naomi, giving her a soft, heroic smile. "It was nothing...I am glad to just have you all safe and out of harm's way. I care about you all so much...and I want to keep you all safe.."

Naomi's lips curled into a soft smile, her gaze never leaving mine. "Shiro..~"

Without another word, Naomi leaned into me, giving me a soft kiss. I returned her kiss, holding her hand in mine. Our kiss lasted moments, seemingly for an eternity.

Naomi finally broke the kiss and leaned back a bit, interlocking our fingers together. "Rest well..~"

I smiled at Naomi, giving her a little nod. "I will..~"

Naomi gave me one last kiss before getting up and leaving the room to go back downstairs to talk to Chloe and Charlotte. Naomi gave me one last look before turning off the light and making her way downstairs. She could feel her heart beating harder then a faint glow appeared on her chest. Naomi noticed the faint glow and her smile grew even more.

'Thank you, Shiro..~' Naomi thought to herself as she made her way downstairs.