Luo Yichen's Wife Loves Having Multiple Identities

Qu Ling'er had only ever felt suffering with her cold, terrible family. After her coming of age, all she wanted was to run away. Luo Yichen, a successful actor, accidentally bumped into her three times in a single day. He helped to resolve the sticky situation she was in and took her home. At first, he thought she was a pitiful girl who people around her bullied. However, he later found out she was a genius writer on the internet, an e-sports bigshot, and a skilled hacker... Moreover, she was continually establishing new titles for herself. Luo Yichen constantly thought of ways to make her his... However, not long after the two decided to enter a relationship, Qu Ling'er found out she was taken in by the wrong family when she was born. As a result, Luo Yichen found himself surrounded by Qu Ling'er's real family! "Ling'er is still young. How dare you try to marry her? In your dreams!" Her biological parents exclaimed. "Luo Yicheng has nothing but good looks. He's not reliable as us, your cousins. Be a good girl and break up with him!" Her cousins exclaimed. "Luo Yicheng is the greatest of all time. Nobody deserves him! Ms. Qu, stop trying to be with him. We won't agree to it!" Luo Yichen's fans exclaimed. After Qu Ling'er's multiple identities were revealed, Luo Yichen's fans changed their minds. "Ling'er, you're amazing! Luo Yichen, back off. You don't deserve Ling'er anymore... "'I just want to get married. Why is this so hard?' Luo Yichen thought.

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Luo Yichen snorted and said, "I haven't had dinner yet. I was on my way to get supper when I met you."

Qu Ling'er could not refuse and asked patiently, "What do you want to eat? I'll buy it for you."

Luo Yichen gave her the names of a few shops and his home address. "As you know, I'm a celebrity. It's not safe for me to be outside. So, please send the food to my house. Call me if you need anything. Be careful."

Qu Ling'er said, "Okay…"

After helping her twice in one day, she could only accept her fate and buy the food for Luo Yichen. Fortunately, the few shops he mentioned were nearby, so it did not take long to buy everything. Looking at the several bags of supper she was carrying, she seriously suspected that Luo Yichen was not really working in the entertainment industry. Other male and female celebrities had to diet and exercise to maintain their figures—how could he eat so much?

Ten minutes later, Qu Ling'er arrived at Luo Yichen's residence.

Luo Yichen lived in a high-class neighborhood nearby. Qu Ling'er had to furnish his unit number before the security officer let her in—Luo Yichen must have informed them in advance.

She carried the bags of supper and walked for quite a while. She was already tired—coupled with the wine she had drunk earlier—she was very sleepy. When she arrived at Luo Yichen's house, she pressed the doorbell. Luo Yichen immediately answered the door. Before she could say anything, he said, "Come in." He then nonchalantly turned around and walked back into the house.

Qu Ling'er: "…" Can't he just take the bags of supper?

But when she thought about what had happened today, her annoyance dissipated. She took off her shoes and walked into the house barefooted with the bags of supper.

Upon reaching the living room, she looked around and placed the bags of supper on the coffee table.

Luo Yichen seemed to have just come out of a shower—he was wearing loungewear and water was dripping from his wet hair—he was drying his hair with a towel now.

Qu Ling'er did not pay much attention to Luo Yichen. After setting down the bags of supper, she said, "Well… Here's your supper. I'll leave now."

"Wait." Luo Yichen stopped what he was doing and looked at Qu Ling'er.

Qu Ling'er stared bemusedly at Luo Yichen. Previously, the lighting was dim in the car, so she only had a rough idea of Luo Yichen's appearance. But now, under the bright lights, Luo Yichen's face was exceptionally clear—she found him to be even more handsome. At the same time, she also found him to be even more familiar! She was very sure that she had seen his face somewhere, but she could not remember where.

Luo Yichen saw that Qu Ling'er was standing still and said playfully, "Come and sit down. I don't bite."

Qu Ling'er snapped back from her thoughts and stammered, "No… No need. It's getting late. I should go."

"Where are you going?" Luo Yichen stood up and walked towards Qu Ling'er.

Qu Ling'er felt a tall and huge figure loom over her due to his height. She took a step back nervously.

A scent wafted over—it seemed to be the smell of his shower gel or shampoo. It was very pleasant, but this made Qu Ling'er even more flustered. Her heart began to race.

Luo Yichen looked at her and said, "Eat with me."


Luo Yichen replied, "Huh what? Come sit down and eat with me. It's not nice to eat alone."

He lowered his head—looked at the shy young girl in front of him—and found her to be rather cute. It was strange. He had been in the entertainment industry for so long and had seen his fair share of beautiful girls. But there had been none like her who could arouse his interest.

Qu Ling'er avoided his gaze and took a few steps back. "It's… It's too late. I shan't keep you from enjoying the food."

With that, she turned around and was about to run.

Luo Yichen instinctively grabbed Qu Ling'er's wrist and pulled her back.

Qu Ling'er was caught off guard and fell into Luo Yichen's arms.

Qu Ling'er's pupils constricted as she quickly pushed Luo Yichen away and snapped angrily, "Don't go too far!"

Luo Yichen could not help but laugh when he saw her guarded expression. "What are you thinking about, lass?"

Qu Ling'er face took on a ghastly expression. It was too dangerous to be alone with a strange man at night.

"I wasn't thinking about anything else. Don't overthink it." Luo Yichen raised his eyebrows and said, "Eat something first. After that, I'll send you back. It's too late—it's not safe for you to be alone outside."

Qu Ling'er relaxed a little. She seemed to have overreacted. No matter what, Luo Yichen helped her today. She lowered her head and said softly, "I'm sorry."

Seeing her diffidence, Luo Yichen sighed and said calmly, "There are new slippers at the door. Go put them on and then come to the living room."

Qu Ling'er did not refuse. She walked to the door and put on the slippers. Then, she returned to the living room and sat on the sofa. She looked guilty and obedient—like a student waiting for her teacher to punish her.