1 Birthday GIft

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"Is this direct enough?" Qu Ling'er picked up the wine glass on the table and splashed the red wine in it on Luo Xiao's face. This b*stard!

She had been tricked by her wonderful father into coming to the Qinglan clubhouse. What greeted her was this b*stard who had arrogantly said that he wanted to "do something direct"!

Before Luo Xiao could react, Qu Ling'er pressed his head onto the table. The left side of his face was flattened against the table and he could not move at all.

He was in pain, but still wanted Qu Ling'er to submit. He advised, "Qu Ling'er—to tell you the truth—your father and I have already reached an agreement. Spend a night with me and I will solidify the marriage between the Qu and Luo family. Moreover, I can give your family half of my company's market share…"

Qu Ling'er's face darkened. She retracted her hand and kicked Luo Xiao hard, sending him to the ground.

She grabbed her bag—opened the door of the private room—and walked out. Soon after, there were screams and curses coming from the private room. "Aargh! Qu Ling'er, you b*tch! I'm going to kill you! It's your honor that I want to sleep with you. You don't know what's good for you!"

In the opposite private room, Luo Yichen opened the door and came out. Wearing a mask and hat, his eyes met Qu Ling'er's.

Qu Ling'er looked a little disheveled—her snow-white dress was splattered with red wine.

Unable to take the stream of invective behind her any longer, she turned around and went back. This time, she did not close the door. She walked in and kicked Luo Xiao so hard that he kept begging for mercy—he fainted afterwards.

When Qu Ling'er came out of the private room, she realized that Luo Yichen was still standing at the door, staring at her.

"What the h*ll are you staring at?!" She snapped angrily and rolled her eyes at Luo Yichen before turning to leave.

Luo Yichen: "…"

"…What happened? What exactly happened?" Assistant Liu—who was behind Luo Yichen—asked in confusion.

He had heard the drawn-out cacophony of vituperative vociferation…

Luo Yichen raised his eyebrows and glanced at the private room opposite him. "Get someone to send Luo Xiao to the hospital but don't alarm too many people."

Assistant Liu asked in shock, "The person who was beaten up just now was… was he from the Luo family?"

Luo Yichen sneered, "The Luo family doesn't have such black sheep!"

He found the young lady just now rather interesting!

After Qu Ling'er left the clubhouse, she went straight to the cemetery. By the time she left there, it was already 9 p.m.. Today was the anniversary of her mother's death. Before her death, her mother had said that she hoped Qu Zhisheng would visit her grave every year. Not only did he not visit, he even used this as an excuse to trick her into going to the clubhouse!

There were very few people in the cemetery—and very few cars nearby—especially at this time. She stood by the roadside and looked at her cell phone. There were more than twenty missed calls. Most of them were from her father.

"Babe, do you want a ride? I'll charge you less…"

Qu Ling'er was looking down at her cell phone when a black car stopped by the roadside and shouted to her.

"No, thanks!" Qu Ling'er replied without even looking up. Then, she tapped on a conversation in WeChat with the nickname 'Old Leopard' and listened to a few voice messages.

Old Leopard: "My friend is picking you up. It's a black Rolls-Royce. You should be able to recognize that car."

Old Leopard: "They'll be there around 9.10 p.m.. If you see a car, wave. I'm afraid they might not see you."

Old Leopard: "Come join me here—I've booked a clubhouse for you. We'll celebrate your birthday!"

It was so noisy on Old Leopard's end that his voice was almost inaudible. She was about to ask for the license plate number, but decided against it. There were not many cars on this stretch of the road to begin with, let alone a second Rolls-Royce.

Closing the WeChat conversation, she took a look at her WeChat Moments and saw her half-sister, Qu Xinru's post.

Qu Xinru was holding a birthday party tonight. She posted a photo album of her family—Qu Zhisheng, Qu Xinru and Fang Xiaoman—who looked very happy with their big smiles.

Qu Ling'er felt a lump in her throat. How ironic!

Today was Qu Xinru's birthday, but it was also her birthday. Their father—Qu Zhisheng had given Qu Xinru a birthday gift—but he had offered her as a gift to that bastard, Luo!

One daughter was the apple of his eye; the other was chopped liver!

She quickly calmed down. She was used to this treatment—her heart had long turned cold.

"Mom, I don't understand. Qu Zhisheng is so heartless. Why did you give up your life to have me in the Qu family?" However, she knew very well that she would never know the answer. She had had enough—she was tired and frustrated. She was already an adult. She had to achieve independence as soon as possible and leave this cold-hearted family permanently!

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