Lunatic Dragon

(A/N: The original version of this book (Reborn as a Dragon) was contracted, but I realized it was a mistake when I made it privileged so early on since readers couldn't continue reading, and the pay was so small too. So I just copy pasted that book into this, and am hoping nothing will go wrong. Read this book instead, since I'm going to continue the story here instead and will be completely free. But if you want to read ahead by 5 chapters (10 and 50 in the future), check out my Patreon at That_One_Dead_Ali.) What happens when someone dies, is it the end? Do they just cease to exist? Do they end up in heaven or hell? Do they get reincarnated? Or does something else happen? Well, for this one particular boy, a just-barely-out-of-his-teens young man named Ali, another question would be more appropriate. What happens when a boy dies, meets an almighty and omnipotent Omniversal Being, and gets his wishes granted? When he died in his world of nothing but ordinariness, a R.O.B (Random Omniversal Being) casually picks someone up, and it happened to be him. One of his wishes was to have his soul be separated into as many pieces he wanted, and sent to different universes, with their own wishes! And this Ali, asked to be an Dragon. What kind of a dragon? Well, one that could grow infinitely stronger by consuming other beings. Gain their physical capabilities, gain their abilities, gain their levels, you name it, he can Devour it. What happens when an SS-Class Dragon and one hell of an overpowered redhead team up? Guess the world has to experience the effects of this monstrous team for itself.

That_One_Dead_Ali · Action
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59 Chs

CH 001: A New Start

Darkness, that's all he could see when he opened his eyes. He tried to move around, but had a lot of trouble and could barely move. It also felt that his body felt... weird. As if he wasn't used to it.

What... the hell is going on...? Why does it feel so uncomfortable? And why does this place feel so stuffy? To start off, where in the hell am I?! Why is it so dark? Am I... being kidnapped?' He thought to himself. But immediately set aside the idea.

To start off, one, he wasn't someone important enough to get kidnapped. Two, where would he even get kidnapped? Inside his own house? He wouldn't really go out unless necessary, so he found it unlikely to be kidnapped.

'Fuck, I don't think I'm unlucky enough to get kidnapped.' He curled his lips. But even that felt weird. 'Let's just try to get my body working for now.' As he tried to move in the dark place, he finally managed to move his body a little easier. But he still felt weird... as if this wasn't the body that he had lived in for nearly 20 years.

When he could finally move, he extended his hand as much as could, trying to touch something or somewhere. And luckily for him, he succeeded :'What is this? It's smooth... Too smooth. I have never touched a wall so smooth.'

As he tried to push, a thought popped up in his head :'The only thing that I have ever felt this kind of smoothness from... is an egg-!' Just as he pushed the wall with as much strength as his weak body could muster, the "wall" cracked and was pushed outwards.

However, he didn't have the time to rejoice, because memories suddenly came flooding into his head. Memories of the unfamiliar and extremely strange space he had woken up before. Memories of Crow. He finally remembered what had happened before he awakened, what he had seen, what he had heard, and what he had wished for.

To be reincarnated in a fantasy world of swords and magic that he hadn't read, watched or seen. But he didn't want to be just a normal human. No, he wanted to be a-

- (meanwhile)

In a lush and beautiful forest where birds were chirping and some small, harmless animals were eating grass or such, a figure walked among the trees and the forest. Feeling the sudden appearance of the figure, the overdramatic animals were all scared as they immediately took a run for it in fear of getting harmed.

As the light shone, the figure could be seen clearly. The figure was a woman, but not just any normal girl, she was simply gorgeous. Her figure was something that would leave any woman either jealous or flustered.

Long, slender legs. Full but firm hips. A big, firm and mouth watering bubble butt that would definitely shake with each step of not for the pants she was wearing. A tight waist that looked like it could easily be hugged with one arm. A chest that would leave anybody in a daze, with her big breasts that, at closer look, looked to be even bigger than her head. A pretty neck that revealed her beautiful white skin similar to that of jade or a gem. And good Crow, that face.

If her body already wasn't enough to attract the attention and lust of both men and women, her face would definitely do the job. She had plump red lips, a straight and beautiful nose, a gorgeous pair of emerald green eyes, long red eyelashes, and slender and pretty eyebrows. She was simply gorgeous. Cute couldn't exactly be used for her. But she was the definition of beautiful.

Her hair, crimson red, was long enough to reach her back and nearly her slim waist. As it gently swayed, it added a special kind of beauty to her. She was also tall. About 6 feet (183 cm) tall. Simply adding to her beauty. Her clothes seemed to be suitable for combat instead of everyday life. Just from appearance, she looked like a 20 something beauty.

She was wearing a pair of pants along with a crop top shirt and jacket. There was also some armor around the clothes. But mostly, they looked to be clothes suitable for agility. There were also two daggers on her hips, one on each side. If Ali saw her, he would definitely be reminded of Katarina from League of Legends in his past life.

She didn't look like the cute type, but the confident and independent beauty who could've been a perfectionist. However, she didn't look like a haughty and arrogant person, and neither did she look like a cold and aloof person.

She looked like a calm and confident person. She walked with pride, but not arrogance, just self-confidence that added even more attractiveness to her. If her confidence wasn't what took all the spotlight, the nonchalance could also be seen.

As she walked, her ears perked up at the sounds of movement in a bush several meters in front of her. However, she didn't make a move. She looked like she either didn't notice, or simply didn't care. Continuing forward, getting closer and closer to the bush, she still didn't look like she could give a damn.

And when she was close enough, the one who was hiding finally decided to take action. As it attacked, it jumped towards the redhead, seeming to go for a fast kill, and she finally saw the enemy. It was a gray wolf the size of a normal wolf. However, it didn't look like a normal wolf. But unlike an ordinary one, it had a blade-like white horn on its forehead, one the size of a dagger.

Sighing softly, the redhead's hand gently moved to the blade on her hip. And suddenly, she disappeared from place before reappearing a meter or two behind the wolf, her dagger unsheathed and covered with blood.

The gray wolf on the other hand, just as it roared in the air, it suddenly twitched before falling to the ground. Upon making contact with the ground, its head actually rolled a bit away, blood flowing from both the body and the severed head. It had been cut clean off of its body without any resistance.

'Huh, how many Horned Wolves have I killed till now?' She sighed to herself :'They just keep showing up. Well, even if a small one, I guess this is a Monster Forest for a reason, huh?'

Suddenly, a magical scene happened. There seemed to be a kind of energy that flowed from her hand into the dagger, before the blade of the sharp dagger lit on fire. However, she didn't seem surprised by it at all. It seemed like something she had seen numerous times before. The blade of the dagger kept on burning for a few moments before returning to normal.

The blood had burnt away and had completely disappeared, but surprisingly, nothing had happened to the dagger itself even though it was burning in such hot flames. The redhead smiled in satisfaction before sheathing her dagger once again and looking at the dead wolf :'By the way, why do all of these guys come one by one? Aren't Horned Wolves supposed to always move in groups?

Yet all the ones I've seen till now in this forest were alone. Hmm, weird. But... there is this weird magical aura in the air. Does it have anything to do with that? Maybe they were scared away by it? Well, forget it for now, I guess. Should I put it inside my Storage Box (Space-Time Magic to keep anything not living inside). Hmm... I've already killed it, so might as well. But I should let its blood dry first. Hm? What's that?'

While looking at the beheaded wolf, she caught sight of something. Some distance away, about 10 or so meters away, she saw an egg. But not an ordinary egg. Just its color, being black and purple, already made it extremely weird. Its huge size was another topic in itself. At closer look, it looked like it could reach her shin if she stood next to it. And what was more interesting, was that it definitely just moved.

'An... egg? A monster egg, perhaps?' She thought to herself, curiosity appearing in her heart :'Might as well take a look while the blood dries up.' With her mind made up, she walked towards the egg. Leaving the wolf behind for its blood to dry a bit.

'Why is an egg here of all places? No nests around for its size, and neither is there a sign of a monster that could be big enough to lay this egg.' Reaching it, she raised a curious eyebrow :'Its color is pretty weird too. I've never seen one like this before. And from the looks of it, it's about to hatch-'

Her thoughts were interrupted by a crack that appeared on the unique colored egg, causing her to watch in more interest. She squatted and watched with slight curiosity as more and more cracks appeared on the egg. 'Ohh, I've never seen an egg hatch myself.'

Slowly and gently, a scaly black hand with small nails came out of the egg before it tried to break even more of the egg. Watching the effort it put in, the redhead curled her lips before she decided to help the little guy. As she gently broke the egg and took away pieces of it, she saw more and more of what was inside. Which had caused her eyes to widen more and more.

In the end, when the upper part of the egg was completely broken, the redhead's eyes were filled with shock as she looked at the little guy who was squinting his eyes, trying to get used to the sudden brightness :'A... Dragon?!'


That's right, the little guy, Ali, who had just hatched out of his egg, had wished to be reincarnated as a dragon. The redhead watched in interest and amazement as Ali rubbed its eyes with the back of his hand, careful not to scratch his eyes with his claws :'Whoa... This is the first time that I have ever seen an actual dragon with my own eyes. And it's a baby dragon that has just been born.'

"*Yawwwn*" The baby black dragon opened his mouth and yawned before it looked up at the redhead. Seeing such a beautiful girl that he had never seen even in the media, Ali was immediately shocked like her.

They simply looked at each other for a few moments, simply observing each other before the black and purple baby dragon tilted his head adorably, his tail wagging unconsciously :"Gauw? (Hello?)"

He found the woman interesting. Yeah, she was beautiful as hell. More beautiful than any woman he had ever seen. But he wasn't going to just let her beauty delude his rationality and cause him to make a bad decision. What he found interesting, was how she looked at him with so much interest. Not of greed or malice, but of genuine curiosity. Although not childish, she looked at him with curiosity, as if waiting to see what he would do.

He didn't really have anything against her, wasn't an asshole who was rude, and since she was the first person he had seen in this world, he at least wanted to see how his first encounter would go. So he simply greeted with a smile.

Hearing the adorable call, a small smile formed on the redhead's beautiful face as she raised an amused eyebrow :"Are you greeting me?" Hearing her beautiful voice, Ali was further amazed by her :'Whoa... her voice is pretty too. Wait, no... did she just speak English?'

Seeing no malicious reaction, the redhead gently and slowly extended a beautiful hand towards him. But she didn't immediately try to touch him. Her hand stopped a little bit away from the little dragon. She wasn't afraid of getting bitten, she just didn't want to scare him or look like an enemy.

Realizing her intentions and thoughts, Ali looked at her hand which stopped a little away from him, before he smiled and started rubbing his head against her hand :"Gauw." Causing her to chuckle softly. Smiling gently, she started rubbing his smooth and slightly soft scales :"Well aren't you a sweetheart? You're so friendly. I'd heard that dragons tend to be rather aggressive. But you're so friendly."