Lunatic Dragon

(A/N: The original version of this book (Reborn as a Dragon) was contracted, but I realized it was a mistake when I made it privileged so early on since readers couldn't continue reading, and the pay was so small too. So I just copy pasted that book into this, and am hoping nothing will go wrong. Read this book instead, since I'm going to continue the story here instead and will be completely free. But if you want to read ahead by 5 chapters (10 and 50 in the future), check out my Patreon at That_One_Dead_Ali.) What happens when someone dies, is it the end? Do they just cease to exist? Do they end up in heaven or hell? Do they get reincarnated? Or does something else happen? Well, for this one particular boy, a just-barely-out-of-his-teens young man named Ali, another question would be more appropriate. What happens when a boy dies, meets an almighty and omnipotent Omniversal Being, and gets his wishes granted? When he died in his world of nothing but ordinariness, a R.O.B (Random Omniversal Being) casually picks someone up, and it happened to be him. One of his wishes was to have his soul be separated into as many pieces he wanted, and sent to different universes, with their own wishes! And this Ali, asked to be an Dragon. What kind of a dragon? Well, one that could grow infinitely stronger by consuming other beings. Gain their physical capabilities, gain their abilities, gain their levels, you name it, he can Devour it. What happens when an SS-Class Dragon and one hell of an overpowered redhead team up? Guess the world has to experience the effects of this monstrous team for itself.

That_One_Dead_Ali · Action
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59 Chs

CH 000: Origin

"Where... Am I?" Someone... Or to be exact, something groaned out. It was humanoid, but it didn't seem to be human. It was just... Light. It seemed to be a young male, but was just a golden light.

As he gained his vision, he looked around, but was shocked to the point of not being shocked. Wherever he looked, and as far as his eyes could see, it was just space.

He didn't see any land, buildings or anything. The only thing that he could see was the empty void with countless stars in the horizon.

"What...?" He looked, looked, and looked. But didn't see anything but the cold and unforgiving space.

He was on the verge of panicking. In fact, he thought he was gonna have the toughest panic attack of his entire life.

However, he knew that he shouldn't panic. He knew that the more weird and intense a situation is, he has to stay calm no matter what.

But he was struggling. He could feel how he was shaking, how hard his heart was beating, and how he was starting to sweat. He couldn't be blamed either!

He just opened his eyes and he was suddenly in the middle of the damn space! That was definitely something to panic for! But he persisted, took a deep breath and exhaled.

'And why am I not suffocating???' He frowned, rubbing his temples in confusion. However, just when he saw his hand, he was left even more speechless.

'... Why in the hell am I the Glowing Man meme...?' His mouth was open in disbelief as he looked at himself. His confusion was growing by the second, and so was his panicking.

"Cough cough." Suddenly, there was another voice in the void. Hearing another voice, the glowing man immediately turned to look. But he just saw the same darkness and stars.

"Up here, Ali." He heard the voice again. This time, from above. As the boy, now known as Ali, raised his head to look, he noticed a shape. It was like just a small part of the space was shaped.

Well, small in comparison to the space. In front of him, it was as big as a two or three story building! When he raised his head, he finally saw what had spoken.

It was a crow! Not a normal crow though. Aside from its size, the most noticeable thing was that it had 4 glowing eyes and was actually space themed! It looked just like Alien X from Ben 10, but just in the shape of a huge crow!

'What in the...' Ali's lips parted, seriously speechless. But his disbelief grew even more when the crow seemed to smirked nonchalantly :"I would've said good morning or something, but time doesn't really have much of a meaning here."

"W-who are you? What are you?" He asked in slight shock, and the crow answered with a smirk :"I think you should know what I am.

Haven't you already heard of the word R.O.B? Well, I'm an Omniversal Being! You're dead, and I pulled you here. You don't remember because I erased the memory of you dying so you wouldn't be traumatized."

Hearing his words, Ali's brain didn't completely register :"... I'm what?" And the crow answered :"Dead. Dead as hell."

A moment of silence went by, and a single sentence left Ali's lips :"Oh." Causing the Omniversal Being to get confused this time :"... What?

Oh? That's it? You hear that you're dead, and that's all you say? Shouldn't you be panicking or something? In fact, why do you look like you're calming down?"

In answer, Ali shrugged and spread his arm :"Well... I don't know. I mean... That kinda explains this whole thing. I mean, I don't know about you, but I don't normally just wake up in space.

So this is either a dream, or I'm really dead. And I don't really know why I should panic about dying. It's the most normal thing anyway. I've never been afraid of death, since it was going to happen eventually."

A look of realization appeared on the four eyed crow's face as he nodded :"Oh! You're one of those kinda people! Alright! I like you already! I got lucky this time."

After glancing around, Ali raised a curious eyebrow :"This time? Whatcha mean?" Causing the crow to sigh in annoyance :"You're not the first person I decided to bring here.

Just before you, I had brought a few more. Sigh, unfortunately, all of them were panicking and crying. Screaming, wailing and cursing me.

A few of them were seriously freaking annoying. I had brought them here separately, like you, but one after another were just disappointments."

With curled lips, Ali nodded :"Sorry for asking then. Guess you really got unlucky. So what did you do with them?" And the Omniversal Being immediately answered :"Erased them from existence."

"..." Silence filled the place again. Ali gulped, and nodded with curled lips :"Alright, I think I should really mind my manners now..."

The crow nodded with a sigh of his own :"Yeah, just don't annoy me, and we're all good. There was actually one that panicked a bit, but calmed down after a little while.

But I disliked her even more than the other ones. Bitch immediately asked "WhAt gENdeR dO YOu iDEntiFy aS?". And I didn't even spare a moment, just erased her right there and then."

This time, instead of panicking or being afraid, Ali actually gave him a thumbs up :"Thank you. I like you. Those bitches are seriously fucking annoying.

Alright. Anyway, is this going where I think it's going...?" He asked, slightly excited and hopeful, causing the Omniversal Being to chuckled in amusement :"Yeah, it is.

Consider yourself lucky, young Ali! Because I'm planning to reincarnate you with 5 wishes! As for why 5? Because it's either 5 or nothing. So go ahead."

Ali smiled, and raised his fist before bringing it down in celebration :"Hell yeah." However, his smile disappeared when confusion took over :"Hold on.

Before we get to that, can I ask you something? It's not something big, just something that I wanna know."

"Go ahead." Crow gestured with his huge wing, and Ali nodded :"Why? Why do you wanna reincarnate someone? And why me?

Please don't tell me it's because of karma or something. Because I'm sure that I haven't done anything that would give this kinda karma."

Crow shook his wing as he nodded in annoyance :"No. Hell no. That's all bullshit. The only reason why I picked you is because I just chose a being randomly.

I had chosen the previous ones randomly too. Heck, do you think only humans get to meet Omniversal Beings and get reincarnated?

The being just before you was a dragon! But he didn't get reincarnated because he acted like he's some big shit and actually tried to attack me, so I erased him.

The reason why I'm doing this, is just because I'm bored. There is no motive behind it, I just wanted to do it. Look, Omniversal Beings are below only the Omniverse itself, and all us are Omnipotent.

If there is a word that has Omni in it, it is used for us. Omnipotent. Omniscient. Omnipresent. All of that. Only the Omniverse is above us.

Below us are beings like The One Above All of Marvel, The Presence of DC, and those kinds of beings. Anything below us, is truly Omnipotent only in its own Multiverse.

Basically, The One Above All would be weaker than The Presence in DC and not truly Omnipotent. The same is true in vice versa.

However, Omniversal Beings are all Omnipotent no matter what. So we could do whatever we wanted. If I wanted to do something, why would I involve the little you?

I would just think about it and it's done. Also, since there is an infinite number of Omniversal Beings and all of us are completely equal, just with different appearances, there is no competition or rivalry between us.

We do have some healthy rivalry between each other, but it's only for fun. Which usually leads to a shit ton of Multiverses, which are actually those "stars" into collapsing.

But we just return them into however they were, so there's no need to worry. Also, if we did actually try to do anything truly hostile against each other, our creator, Omniverse, would take action and punish us.

Also, do you have any idea how old I am? I could literally just blink, and I would see that not just the reincarnated you, but 1,000 generations later have died.

That's how fast time goes if I don't focus. So no worries. And if I wanted you to do something, I could just control you, couldn't I?

And for your last question. Why you? As I said, it's because of randomness, nothing else. In fact, why do so many people think it has anything to do with karma?! That's utter bullshit! Why the hell would we care about your karma and nonsense?!"

Ali nodded as he rolled his eyes in annoyance :"I know, right? It's seriously freaking dumb. Why would beings that are literally Omnipotent and can do anything they want, focus on the actions of simple mortals?!"

"Exactly!" Crow pointed with his wing :"Like, put yourselves in our place! And it's mostly humans because of how much they care about religion and nonsense!

No offense to you, my little friend, but humans are literally less than atoms in our eyes! At least atoms have some importance, but humans don't at all!

Dumbass creatures thinking they're the most important beings in existence. And that karma is just a whole nother bullshit. Like, do you think good people, or even perfect people, are rare or something?

So you know about Universes, Multiverses, Omniverse and believe in them, right? Well, think of it like this. Let's not even consider the other beings in common universes and let's just focus on humans.

Just on the Earth of your universe, there are nearly 8 billion people, right? Now combine that many people with another universe. That's 16 billion already.

Combine the people of 100 universes. That's 800 billion. Do you think among that many people, good people are rare? And we're just saying only 100 universes.

There are an infinite number of universes in each Multiverse. That's an infinite number of people right there. Combine that with the humans of other Multiverses, how many are there?

See? When you actually think about it, it's utter nonsense. Alright, sorry for ranting there. Now, let's get to wishing already. I'm curious as to what you will wish for."

Ali nodded seriously. As he put his hand under his chin, he began to think before the Omniversal Being spoke :"Also, take as much time as you want.

I've already said, my perception of time is extremely different from yours. For you, a million or even a billion years is a shit ton. For me, it's like I just took a deep breath."

"Alright, thanks." Ali nodded and got to thinking. But it didn't actually take long to decide. After just a little while, not even half an hour later, he finally decided :"Alright, I've decided!"

Crow smiled :"Alright, let's get to it then. Also, here." He gently flapped a wing, and five numbers, from 1 to 5, appeared going down in the air :"Your wishes will be written here, so you can change it if you don't like something in them."

Ali nodded calmly as he raised his hand and said his wishes while raising a finger with each wish :"Alright, let's begin.

1) I want my soul and existence or whatever to be separated into any number I want with each one of them going to a different Universe.

We are all connected, and can even sense each and join to become one being later on. I just wanna experience everything.

Also, I can separate them to even more numbers if I want to by contacting you. And there is no limit to how many soul pieces I can be separated into.

2) I want each and every one of my soul pieces to be able to also make a few wishes.

3) I want each soul piece to be a singularity, and no being other than you can make another me, except myself.

4) I want each soul piece to be a living paradox. Meaning that basically the past, present and future me are all disconnected. Hurting or even killing a past me won't affect me at all, being would it affect the future me.

5) ... I... Can you please..."

He was fine till the last wish. But when it came to the last wish, his emotions came crashing down because of what he wanted to wish for.

He smiled sadly, as tears began to run down his eyes. He lowered his head, unable to bring out the sentence. But if he wanted to rest in peace and forget about his past life, he had to make that wish.

Seeing his sadness, the wise crow gently asked :"If you can't say it, do you want me to read your mind?" Normally, Ali would definitely refuse something like that.

But he knew that bringing out that sentence, would truly put him into a state of despair for a little while. He nodded, his smile trembling as more and more tears came down.

After a moment, the Omniversal Being nodded with a sigh, but smiled gently :"Alright then, I will grant all of your following wishes.

1) Soul turned into pieces and sent to different universes.

2) A few wishes for all of your soul pieces.

3) Singularity.

4) Living paradox.

5) For all records and memories of your existence in your previous life to be completely erased. For no one to remember you. Not your parents, siblings, relatives, friends and anybody else."

With a shaky form, the young man nodded with tears running down his face :"Th... Thank you... I... Appreciate it..."

As he broke down in tears and sobs, the Omniversal Being brought a wing to his head, and gently patted his head with a soft voice :"It's okay, child.

Let it all out. There is no shame in crying and showing weakness. I will be here, so no need to worry. We will begin the actual wish granting after you've calmed down."