Impotent Husband, But She's Pregnant

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"Four weeks of pregnancy…" Su Yanyun pointed to the pregnancy kit with shaking hands.

"I'm pregnant. I'm actually pregnant…"

The afternoon sun was a little blinding.

A touch of holy white reflected on the surface of the bright pregnancy kit. The corners of Su Yanyun's eyes were moist.

On the night she married Song Zhifei, Su Yanyun never expected to become a mother, nor did she wish to become a real wife.

Song Zhifei seemed like a successful man on the surface, but he was completely impotent and couldn't even touch her, let alone getting her pregnant and giving birth.

But back then, her mother had been hospitalized in a car accident and she urgently needed money to pay a huge medical bill.

Her stepfather agreed to give her the money on the condition that she become his underground lover.

In desperation, whoever could save her mother and save her from the clutches of her stepfather was her savior…

Thus, when Song Zhifei took out the money to pay the medical expenses to treat her mother and knelt in front of her crying bitterly, begging her to forgive him for being incapable as a man…

Su Yanyun could only forgive.

For three years, at the thought of his "kindness" to her, Su Yanyun had to endure the constant difficulties and ridicule of her mother-in-law.

"A chicken that can't lay eggs" was the biggest shame to her.

Song Zhifei was good to her in all ways, but when it came to matters regarding a child… as if to cover his unspeakable secret, he pushed all the responsibility to her—

He publicly stated that she had a problem, and urged her to visit the hospital for examinations. He even condemned her with her mother-in-law for not fulfilling her duty as a wife and a daughter-in-law.

Now it was good…

Su Yanyun laughed with tears in her eyes. "I'm finally pregnant…"

Song Zhifei took her to a hotel one month ago on their wedding anniversary… Su Yanyun still blushed and felt her heart beat faster at the thought of her fuzzy memories of that night.

Back home, Su Yanyun couldn't wait to tell Song Zhifei the good news.

As soon as her hand touched the door, a familiar woman's voice came out of the room. "Zhifei, I'm pregnant."

This voice…

Su Yanyun stayed outside the door, stunned.

Through the gaping door, she saw a scene she never even dreamed of—

Her best girlfriend, Luo Weimin, was with her "asexual" husband. They were hugging each other in bed.

"Zhifei," Luo Weimin said coquettishly and hung on Song Zhifei's body. "I already have your baby in my stomach. When can you leave Su Yanyun that bitch and marry me?"

"Just wait awhile more." Song Zhifei tickled Luo Weimin's chin. "Su Yanyun's mother is about to die soon. Once she inherits the Su family heritage, I'll find a way to obtain it, and then kick her out. I'll marry you in public then…"

Su Yanyun took a step back and almost hit the bonsai beside her.

No, it was impossible…

How could Ah Min have a secret relationship with Song Zhifei!

She was her best girlfriend in college for years.

When her life was low, it was Ah Min who had introduced Song Zhifei to her and helped her solve her big problem.

But the scene she just saw…

Su Yanyun's mind was in utter chaos. She stumbled down the stairs and just ran to the gate when she bumped into her mother-in-law.

"What are you so anxious for, are you going for reincarnation!" Her mother-in-law scolded harshly.

As if Su Yanyun didn't hear her, she didn't even change her shoes and just pushed the door and rushed out.

"Mom, who were you talking to?" Song Zhifei heard the movement and ran out.

"Who else?" Song Zhifei's mother sneered. "Isn't it your lawless wife? After marrying for three years, her stomach hasn't had a piece of single news. She still dares…"

"Mother, what are you saying? Su Yanyun came back just now?" Song Zhifei's expression changed. "Could she have found out…"

Could she have found out about his adultery with Luo Weimin, and heard their "plan"?

"Quick! Chase her! Don't let her get away!" Song Zhifei shouted urgently.

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