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SushiRamen was a Blessed Rank F. Even though he had awakened a Blessing, for having such a low power level, he knew that he did not have a promising future ahead when invading Fortresses. So, instead of risking his own life, SushiRamen decided to live the life of an ordinary person, just working on an ordinary job he got because of the high marks he had in high school. But to quench his thirst for battles and adventures that he always had when he was younger, he decided to start playing Valorwatch.

From a young age, SushiRamen liked to play games online, so when he found a competitive game where he could use the Blessing he received, look good, have fun with friends, have several adventures, and best of all, do so without running any risk, Valorwatch was love at first sight.

Initially starting out as a beginner who had a hard time even dealing with the tutorial bots, nowadays he had full confidence in his own strength. Sometimes he even beat people with Rank E Blessings, so much so that he knew that even though he had a Rank F Blessing, as he purchased an additional plan, at some point because he had increased his own skill, SushiRamen knew he would go up to Rank E.

Today, while he believed he would just play a regular game, after capturing Control Point "B", he ran towards Point "C" that was being guarded by only a single player on his team. 'Fortunately, the newbies on the other team probably just left Point "C" aside while that player on our team alone got the point easily. Great! This will probably be another easy victory, and I will be one step closer to my goal of reaching Rank E,' he thought to himself.

The Blessing that SushiRamen received was to control marine animals, since his family always prayed to the god of the oceans. However, it was obvious how useless this ability was in a Fortress that did not have any marine animals. So to play Valorwatch, he chose to use the generic Blessing set that the game sold to unblessed people. It was basically a blue energy like mana that could be used based on the user's choice at the time of purchase, and could be used for healing, strengthening, agility, magic, whatever the user preferred, but only one option.

Looking at it like this, it might even seem like it was fair, but only those who really played with this generic Blessing set knew how less practical and problematic it was. In addition to being weaker than true Blessings at the same level, this set was also as the name said, generic, so almost everyone knew what it was like to deal with someone with such a set which took away the greatest advantage that real Blessings had, which was unpredictability.

However, the one great advantage that this set had was that as it was made for people without Blessings. As long as the person could adapt to the strength level of the next ranking and achieve several victories in a row, the set would be strengthened to match the Blessings of that ranking. In other words, even people without a Blessing could reach Rank A, but of course, as it was not something natural like Blessings, it took much more practice and dedication. This was the reason why only a small number of people without a Blessing were in the high rankings.

SushiRamen ran to point "C" and from a distance he noticed that there was no one at the point, both of his team and of the enemy team. This at first puzzled him, but soon after, he guessed that the player on his team was probably waiting in hiding to ambush someone who might approach.

As their team had control of 2 POINTS out of 3, SushiRamen decided to watch carefully what would happen here at this point. 'At least I'll have a little entertainment,' he thought.

Not long after he arrived, a small pig jumped out of the third-floor window of one of the buildings near the checkpoint. The little pig's speed was greater than a Blessed Rank F could hope to achieve. 'This guy is a high rank Blessed, Rank E, maybe Rank D.'

The little pig stood in the center of the control point with a watchful eye, looking around while searching for something, probably for someone on SushiRamen's own team, so SushiRamen hid himself further inside the abandoned cafeteria behind the counter where he was initially hiding and stayed, curious to try to get more information from that little pig.

But to SushiRamen's surprise, appearing instantly, a small explosion of fire happened right over the little pig. Just as SushiRamen thought the little pig was going to try to dodge that explosion, in fact, he instantly jumped into the fire as if he wanted to die.

'What's this guy doing?' SushiRamen wondered as he looked at the little pig, confused. 'Isn't he a high rank? Why is he killing himself so unnecessarily?'

However, SushiRamen's question was soon answered when he realized that from within the explosion of fire, something had come out.

'A devil!' He mentally screamed when he realized that the explosion was not an attack, but a movement skill - and a very powerful one, by the way, since the devil had come from an unknown place so close to the little pig.

Putting himself in the pig's place, even though he knew there was a player with this ability close to him, SushiRamen wasn't sure if he would have enough reaction speed to dodge that black dagger in the devil's hand. The piglet instantly responded by jumping towards the explosion, but SushiRamen knew that if he depended on his own reaction speed, he would need at least a fraction of a second, or maybe even more than a second to make a proper counter-move, and seeing how frantic the two were battling for their lives, SushiRamen didn't know if that time would be enough for him to protect himself before he died.

The battle that was going on in front of him was something that SushiRamen had to approach in order to understand. Even if it was dangerous for him, he knew he could probably help his teammate kill that little pig with ease if he intervened, however, it wouldn't be useful for him, since he would learn a lot just by watching.

Focusing fully on the battle of the pig and the devil, SushiRamen realized how fast their reaction speed truly was. While the piglet's body began to move faster and faster at such an absurd speed that someone without a Blessing of speed would be unable to react to his frantic attacks, the devil in turn was already teleporting around the piglet so fast that a strange smell of sulfur started to take over the place due to the large number of explosions that were happening.

It was a battle where the little one was attacking at frightening speeds and the bigger one was also teleporting at high speeds, until at one point the battle was over, because only one of them stood. The other, in turn, had turned into particles of energy and dissipated into the air after his own death.

Watching such a high-profile battle made SushiRamen's blood accelerate. He also wanted to be powerful like that; he also wanted to be able to fight monsters like these two; so without either of the two players in the battle knowing, they had influenced someone, someone very determined to one day reach their level.


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