Lucifer's Descendant System

At some point in the 21st century, the Christian God stopped listening to the prayers of humanity. Monsters with colossal strength and endurance began to emerge and humanity entered its darkest period. However, to the delight of humanity, some people around the world began to receive powers, and so humanity was able to fight back against monsters, now seeing these people with powers as the heroes who fought for the good of the world. Among these people was Noah, who even though he gained powers, he knew that those powers did not make him stronger at all, making him just as strong as a normal adult man. However, an unknown system awakens and declares him to be the descendant of Lucifer, completely changing his life to the path of the truth and true power. [2 Daily chapters + Extra releases] Lucifer | Descensant | System

Zhanye · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
407 Chs

142 - Possibilities

"What if I said I can give that power to anyone?" Noah asked the two of them as he opened his palm while a pentagram appeared on the floor, from which a small red imp started to come out of it like a portal and appeared standing between Noah and the other two.

Seeing that "red goblin" emerge from a strange pentagram, Carlos' first reaction was to step back and draw a pistol to aim at the "monster". After all, he did not have a Blessing to protect himself, and as he came from a wealthy family, of course he had a gun.

Patrick, on the other hand, was a little shocked and just retreated behind Carlos, since his Blessing would not help anything in this battle.

But strangely for both of them, the little imp just turned to Noah as he stared at him expectantly for a command.

Mentally Noah ordered the imp to turn to the two frightened young men and wave his arm, just as a human would.