Lucifer's Descendant System

At some point in the 21st century, the Christian God stopped listening to the prayers of humanity. Monsters with colossal strength and endurance began to emerge and humanity entered its darkest period. However, to the delight of humanity, some people around the world began to receive powers, and so humanity was able to fight back against monsters, now seeing these people with powers as the heroes who fought for the good of the world. Among these people was Noah, who even though he gained powers, he knew that those powers did not make him stronger at all, making him just as strong as a normal adult man. However, an unknown system awakens and declares him to be the descendant of Lucifer, completely changing his life to the path of the truth and true power. [2 Daily chapters + Extra releases] Lucifer | Descensant | System

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12 - Light

The bloody battle continued and slowly the rats were taking the lead thanks to their overwhelming numbers. During the long minutes of battle, countless corpses began to pile up on the ground in the area.

Among the various corpses of rats on the ground, there were also some human corpses, humans who unfortunately could not resist the battle and ended up having a bloody and brutal death.

Of the 15 humans who invaded this fortress, currently only 5 were alive. Noah, Harry, Wendy, the scarred man, and a Blessed man who had a Blessing that made him invisible for a second. This Blessing was what had kept him alive until now, since every time he was about to receive a fatal attack, he went invisible momentarily and deviated slightly from the place where he had been standing. However, due to the breathless state he was in with the amount of cuts he had suffered, Noah couldn't see him surviving much longer.

Not to say that the other survivors were in a much better state, since in that place no one was clean from injuries, not even Wendy who could heal. She had already given up on healing non-serious injuries to preserve energy in case an unforeseen eventuality were to happen.

Noah had found two opportunities to cause a fatal injury to the Rat King so far, but during both opportunities he found, a random rat came out of nowhere, causing Noah to change the target of the fireball to protect his own life.

From the way he was feeling, Noah knew he couldn't launch anything more than a single fireball, so at that moment it would be all or nothing. If the battle continued as it was, the only way out would be death.

The moment Noah made up his mind, the scarred man looked him in the eye, apparently looking for an answer to something. There was no need to say a single word in the exchange between the two, since a second later, the man stopped looking at him and turned towards the King of Rats with a serious look as his body began to glow brightly.

Seeing the man's body start to glow, Noah was amazed. He knew that the man was a Blessed Rank D with many years of training and battles. With this background, the power of man's Blessing should not have been weak, since he would have already trained it to at least Rank D or High Rank E strength, almost reaching Rank D.

Just as the difference between a Rank F Fortress and a Rank E Fortress is extremely large in terms of difficulty, the strength of a Blessed Rank F and a Blessed Rank E is also very far apart. Now, it goes without saying, how big the difference is between a Blessed person who has Rank F strength and a blessed person who trained and achieved Rank D strength.

That was the only reason Noah held on so much, as he knew that as the person who was fighting physically and holding the King of the Rats was the scar man, who probably had a Rank D force or at least close to that rank. So even though something really bad happened, the man would probably still have a card up his sleeve so he could win them more time.

Even though he had participated in some Rank F fortress raids with the man, Noah had never seen him use the blessing he had. Not that in any invasion that was extremely necessary, since the experience that the man had on his own already gave a great advantage to the group, making the invasions always happen more smoothly than normal.

So, Noah couldn't help being curiously excited to know what the Blessing of this man was and why he hadn't used it until now since it was probably such a powerful Blessing he probably could have saved the lives of several Blessed Ones who died in the battle.

With the man's body starting to glow, the other smaller rats were attracted to it and completely abandoned the fight they were having with the other Blessed before running madly towards the man who now shone.

The man apparently knew this was going to happen and did not panic; he just shouted out loud to the other Blessed Ones. "This will be the only chance to end this! Load your best attacks to end this once and for all!"

From the tone of voice the man was using, Noah had sensed that he would use something very important and that if they were unable to end the battle now, they would have no other choice but to just die there. Without thinking twice, he summoned the biggest fireball he could with what little energy he had left and kept moving quickly in the distance, looking for the best angle.

Harry was also getting ready, even though several places on his body were cut and injured. He raised both hands and used the rest of his strength he had to summon a huge ice rock with a sharp tip that floated just above his head, waiting to be hurled at the King of Rats, while Wendy desperately healed the body of the man who could turn invisible so he wouldn't die.

Even while they displayed several openings, none of the rats even looked at them and just focused on the man who was now shining much more, including the King of Rats, who didn't even care about the danger that Noah's flame represented to him.

When the rats were close enough, momentarily all the light that the man was emitting disappeared, until it came back again. But this time, it came back not just as a light, but as several laser rays that pierced the flesh of all the monsters within 15 meters of himself.

Seeing that the weaker monsters died instantly, but that the King of the Rats was still alive despite being badly wounded, Harry immediately hurled the big ice rock at the King of Rats, who failed to react fast enough and received a huge cut which further opened the wound that the lasers had caused on his skin.

At that point, the King of Rats had a bad feeling when he returned to rationality and remembered that there was a human with an extremely dangerous flame among these people. But before he could try to jump from where he was, the fireball he had so much feared hit him perfectly on the huge cut he had suffered.

If before the flame entering his throat had already hurt a lot, this time the flame penetrated a huge cut that caused the rat to completely lose its rationality and scream in pain and despair before finally losing the strength to do so, letting its head fall to the floor.

Seeing that none of the monsters moved or made any kind of noise, the Blessed Ones let out a sigh and had different reactions.

The man who could turn invisible, now with his own wound already stabilized, finally lay down with his head on the ground and rested.

Wendy, who had only a little energy left, when she saw the state the scarred man was in used the little strength she had remaining to run towards him and try to help.

But that help would not do much good, since while he was shining, some rats managed to reach him through his armor and bite large pieces of meat from the man. Obviously these rats were the first to die, but the man's flesh had already been plucked in several places. If he survived now, perhaps he would no longer be known as the scarred man, but as the deformed man.

His breathing was already extremely weak; he himself had already accepted that he would not leave there alive. This ability he had was too dangerous to use normally. Because of that, the only way to get around this danger was to have a team powerful enough to protect him while he carried the light. But the team he once had, had died in the other Super Fortress together with his son, thus making him nothing more than an ordinary man who had enough experience to get by and a dangerous card up his sleeve.

Of course, because he was blessed by the God of Light, he not only had this Light Bomb skill, he was also able to slightly control the light to do some things, which helped him deceive enemies during battle and blind them for a fraction of time, but nothing that could do as much damage as the ability that awoke with his Blessing.

Some Blessed Ones, in addition to awakening the Blessing of a god, could also awaken an innate random skill, which they would be able to learn to use with much less effort and training than if they were to develop a new skill on its own. Unfortunately for the man, the ability he received came with the peculiarity of emitting a light that was strangely very attractive to the monsters, before it actually exploded, which made the ability very dangerous to use. In addition to the blessing being almost useless in a battle, it also blinded enemies and disoriented them from time to time.

Harry was sitting on the floor panting with tiredness and groaning in pain from having finally felt the wounds he received during the battle, now that the adrenaline of the battle had subsided.

Noah, on the other hand, felt like he was standing at a banquet, as the flame he had hurled at the King of Rats was still burning the big monster, and for Noah, it was like he was a man who spent the month in the jungle eating roots and now could eat several huge hamburgers to sate his own hunger... and consequently become stronger the more he ate.


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