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Lucid Dream Server


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Lucid dreams- dreams where you can do anything and be anyone! It's a dream come true for most people who wants to experience life in the realm of fantasy. But in 2044, Lucid Dreams became another fabric of reality when a famous VR game developer invents what's called the Lucid Dream Server— a Server that can tap into anyone's head and enable them to play a VRMMORPG in their lucid dreams! Sakurai Yuuta, who has been blind for two years, was given a chance to be a beta tester of the game. But when 'game bugs' started to appear and mess with the game and the real world, The fine line between dreams and reality became muddled, and it's up to him to discover the secrets that lies behind the Lucid Dream Server. Disclaimer: Photo used in the cover is a no royalty photo, I do not own the photo whatsoever but all edits are mine. Spirity 2021 Contestant. COMPLETED


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