Loving The Temperamental Adonis

#MAIN STORY COMPLETED. He stormed into the room, his gray eyes narrowing as he saw the faint trace of a fingerprint on her face. Fury flashed across his face, and he demanded, "Who the fuck did this to you?!" She hesitated, aware of his explosive temper and scared that he might turn on her if she told him that his so called girlfriend, Davina had slapped her for mistakenly dropping a glass. "Nobody, just an accident." she replied, attempting to downplay the situation. A humorless laugh escaped Neil's lips, his gray eyes ablaze with anger. "Nobody? You think I'll let someone get away with hurting you? Tell me, Harrison, or I swear I'll make it my mission to punish every single person in this goddamn building." Knowing he never gave empty threats, Mia opened her mouth and whispered, "It-it was your girlfriend..." Few minutes later, Mia was astonished to witness what he did to his girlfriend for daring to hit her. "Nobody dares lay a filthy hand on something that is mine. Mia Harrison is not my lover, but she is my woman." Meet Neil Wayner, a famous soldier on a secret mission and a successful CEO, with a temper that could burn the world. Love, marriage, he doesn't believe in such things. But when she slowly began to slip her way into his life, he claimed her as his woman. On the other hand, meet Mia Harrison a girl from a poor town studying Journalism in an expensive university with dreams of making it big someday, but when she met Neil Wayner, who is on a secret mission in the University she studies in, things took a turn in Mia's life. Witness the roller coaster romance between a raging devil and a beautiful angel. ** Note: Mature Content. No Rape. *** Disclaimer: cover pic isn't mine, will take it down if the owner wants me to.

Ash20 · Urban
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300 Chs


The sky was filled with countless stars that sparkled against the ebony night, with a crescent moon that reminded the girl standing at the window of her room of a half-moon cake given to her by her twin sister days ago. Her pink dress was still covered in mud from her crawl to the neighboring estate to get the puppy for the gray-eyed boy to whom she had promised it.

Her brown eyes glimmered with a loneliness that shouldn't be found in the eyes of a girl her age. Her little mouth was set in a slight pout as she absentmindedly dug her nails into her palm, injuring herself but not feeling the pain after the housekeeper had scolded her upon her return. She didn't know why, but she loved looking at the night sky because it always made her happy. But today, as she looked up at it, she couldn't find that little happiness because she knew her twin sister was with the gray-eyed boy.