Loving The Mad King Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

Loving The Mad King

Ogi Saga

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Odette is a psychiatrist who transmigrated to medieval times. To go back to modern times, she needed to help Arion, a king with multiple personalities, a condition caused by his mental trauma after he beheaded his own wife. Chaos, silliness, and craziness surrounded Odette when she was dealing with Rion's ever-changing split personalities - just like one extreme weather to another. Odette also had to face challenges from the conservative people who thought King Arion was cursed by Lady Rose, the beheaded queen, possessed by evil spirits, or being enchanted by witches. One by one, Odette found the source of Rion’s mental trauma and she was working hard to fix him in order for her to go home. But then, heaven played a joke on her. She got entangled in love triangle with Rion and one of his personalities. Who would she choose to be with and would she go back to the future? PS: This story will soon have the comic available *** EXCERPT: Have you ever loved someone so deeply? One day you thought the person betrayed you. You were so mad, your blood boiled and your heart burned until you lose your mind. You shouted at her, you hit her, and maybe you… killed her. After you did all those, you found out that your suspicion was wrong. She was innocent. You deeply regretted what you did. You wanted to apologize and make up for everything... but it's too late. She was already gone.