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Loving The Forbidden


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"Would you love him, if he took away all that which reminded you of the living?" "I don't know." "You should because when the devil loves you, he keeps you caged from seeing the possibilities of being without him. Even if it means killing all those that you care about," she murmured into my ear. I was sure that she could hear my heart drumming loudly in my heart and the growing smirk on her face proved me right. The sound of the door being opened abruptly was heard and we both turned to find him come in. Talk about the devil and he will appear. What happens when the life you dreamt of suddenly shattered in front of you and the only thing you had to save your life and the ones you loved was to seal your fate to the unknown? Aria, known as the young light siren dancer, who always seemed to draw people in easily with her moves and acting but never seemed to keep her pain away finds herself striking a deal with the devil twins. Now having to learn how to bite her tongue and become queen of the underworld, knowing that hell won't welcome her with open arms as she's now stepped on many people's toes for marrying the devil king.


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