Loved By An Older Man

The betrothal gift is two million bucks, not a single cent less. Jiang Yu is already eighteen years old and can get married now. Send the money to my card, and this matter is settled!" Jiang Yu looked at her mother, who was talking non-stop on the negotiation table. She watched as her mother named her price as she sold Jiang Yu. Jiang Yu could not believe it. Eighteen years ago, they brought the wrong baby home from the hospital, and Jiang Yu, the real daughter of a wealthy family, ended up in an orphanage until a year ago. Jiang Ran, the fake daughter of the Jiang family, grew up with a silver spoon in her mouth. With superior resources since she was young, she was more outstanding than Jiang Yu in every aspect and became the pride of the Jiang family. Jiang Yu, who wandered most of her time in the outside world, was nothing but a country bumpkin who made her mother a laughing stock in the socialite circle. However, Jiang Yu had no idea how great her mother's hatred for her was. On the day she turned eighteen, her mother 'sold' her with a named price. Jiang Yu said, "If you want to marry your daughter to someone else, it should be Jiang Ran. I'm your real daughter. You're the one who mistakenly brought Jiang Ran home!" Her mother replied, "Shut up. I wish I hadn't given birth to you. You've brought nothing but shame to me!" Jiang Ran said, "Big Sis, everything Mom does is for your own good. Don't blame Mom." Her mother said, "I'm convinced she's nothing but a debt collector who's come to me to collect her debts! Either you give me two million bucks, or you get married obediently!" Jiang Yu left home in despair. By a freak combination of factors, she found herself accidentally marrying a Mr. CEO. From then on, the thirty-year-old man pampered his eighteen-year-old wife to the heavens. The little girl said, "Mister, someone bullied your wife!" The man, "Which incompetent fool is so blind that he dares to bully you?"

Mountain Springs · General
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1518 Chs

Mo Long and Jiang Yu had already arrived when Elder Mo arrived at Mo Garden.

Mo Long went to the kitchen and said that Jiang Yu had been wronged today and wanted to cook personally.

Although Jiang Yu didn't believe in his cooking skills, the kitchen had an auntie who specialized in cooking, so it shouldn't be a big deal.

There was an empty space in the backyard of Mo Garden. Previously, there was nothing on it and it was bare.

After Jiang Yu moved here, she felt that it was better to plant something here so that it would look pleasing to the eye.

Hence, she bought the seeds of osmanthus flowers and planted them. After keeping them for a period of time, they bloomed. She had originally planned to bring Mo Long to watch them when they bloomed, but now that Elder Mo had bought a snuff bottle, these osmanthus flowers had other uses.