Love You for the Rest of My Life

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Yang Ningmeng · General
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Chapter 464: Unrequited Love is Painful, Isn't It?

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It's a state where he actually wants to look at Di Xiaxia, but deliberately avoids it, acting nonchalant as he chats lightly with others.

Gu Qibao, of course, utterly understands what it's like to have a secret crush on someone!

Because, once upon a time, she herself had a crush on Bo Chengyan.

Back then, she felt the same way: shy, awkward, and thoroughly unsure about confessing her feelings.

It requires a great deal of courage and the resilience to face rejection!

The deeper you are in love, the harder it is to confess.

Recalling her feelings at the time, she wanted to tell Bo Chengyan that she liked him, yet she feared the awkwardness afterwards if he rejected her.

Yet, none of that is the point! The point is that it would hurt so much!

If you don't confess or make it clear, you could at least maintain the illusion, and avoid the subsequent awkwardness.

Once the barrier is broken, you would either be together or drift apart – one to pursue, one to run.