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Yang Ningmeng · General
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560 Chs

Chapter 462: This Daughter-in-law is Too Considerate

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"Hmm, thanks, Mom." Gu Qibao showed a lovely smile.

"Have another." Fang Hao passed another chicken leg to Gu Qibao.

"I'd better not." Gu Qibao waved her hand hurriedly, laughing awkwardly, "I'll just eat it at the table later. If I eat both chicken legs now, everyone will think it's weird."

Fang Hao couldn't help laughing; in fact, she wanted to say that it was already noticeable enough if she just ate one chicken leg.

So, what difference would eating two make!

Giddy and sweet, Gu Qibao charmed Fang Hao. In a hurry, Fang Hao encouraged her, "Xiaoqi, you should eat more. Look, you're so slim, eat more, and maybe you'll grace us with a baby for Mingjue faster; I want to hold a grandbaby soon!"

"Sure!" Gu Qibao nodded firmly, looking very serious, "Don't worry, Mom, I'll give my all to deliver him eight or ten of them."

Fang Hao chortled on hearing these words, her mouth stretched wide with happiness.