Love You for the Rest of My Life

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Yang Ningmeng · General
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552 Chs

Chapter 459: Not Selling Pity

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After finishing their meal, Gu Qibao felt slightly stuffed, so she suggested taking a walk in the streets before they drove home.

Di Mingjue readily agreed.

Hand in hand, they openly strolled down the street. It was already late evening.

Gu Qibao was stepping on a flower pot stand, her hands lifted high as she tried to balance herself while laughing heartily.

"Would you like to buy some flowers, sir?" a little girl selling roses asked Di Mingjue shyly.

"How much are they?" Mingjue asked her.

"Twenty each, but it's cheaper if you buy ten." The little girl looked at Mingjue with hopeful eyes.

Gu Qibao jumped off the flower pot, "We'll take your entire basket, can you count how many you have?"

"Really?" The little girl was ecstatic at once.

"Yes," Gu Qibao nodded then turned to Mingjue, "Do you mind, dear?"

"Not at all." Mingjue pat her on the head.