Love You for the Rest of My Life

My new book, "After the Breakup, I was Spoiled by the Big Boss," has been released. It badly needs your support! Everyone knows that Mingjue from Empire's capital has always been sarcastic and unabashedly arrogant. However, things took an abrupt turn the second he carefully married a naughty heiress.

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Chapter 456: Truly a Happy Nut

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He was still just as handsome and outstanding as before, a sight that couldn't be ignored, no matter where he was.

The girl by his side used to be unfit for him, but why has she grown enough to have the right to stand by his side now?

Seeing the two of them so well-matched and intimate, her heart was filled with resentment!

She always knew that Di Mingjue was a good man, though he often seemed cold and arrogant on the outside, his heart was warm and sometimes soft. Once he was determined, he would hold someone's hand forever and never let it go.

He would also do everything in his power to treat this person well, wasn't Gu Qibao the perfect example at this moment?

She was not satisfied or willing to accept it. If it wasn't for Gu Qibao's interruption, Di Mingjue would have recognized her over time, then when her leg was healed, she would have been the one by his side now!