Love You for the Rest of My Life

My new book, "After the Breakup, I was Spoiled by the Big Boss," has been released. It badly needs your support! Everyone knows that Mingjue from Empire's capital has always been sarcastic and unabashedly arrogant. However, things took an abrupt turn the second he carefully married a naughty heiress.

Yang Ningmeng · General
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560 Chs

Chapter 455: My Husband Never Lacks Money

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Upon entering, they were immediately greeted by various shrieks from girls, one after another. It was incredibly thrilling.

Gu Qibao was so scared that she buried her face tightly against Di Mingjue's body. Di Mingjue couldn't help but chuckle at the strangeness of women. Afraid to death, they still chose to enter the haunted house. Having entered, they were too scared to even open their eyes!

After a while, however, Gu Qibao couldn't resist her damned curiosity and opened her eyes, resulting in her screaming uncontrollably. She decisively closed them again.

From then on, she adopted the tactic of screaming when her eyes were open, and when they were closed, repeatedly asking, "Are we out yet, honey?"

After leaving the haunted house, Gu Qibao swore never to enter one again, even with her husband beside her. She was still terrified!

After running around the amusement park, Gu Qibao seemed worn out, and Di Mingjue took her to a restaurant for dinner.