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Love Without Disappointment

Spicy Rich Girl

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A meticulously planned conspiracy left An Ning’s reputation in tatters and her innocence gone. Four years later, she was entangled by a certain adorable child who insisted she marry his aloof father. Rumors had it that Jingchen, a man of high standing, was chaste and uninterested in women, yet his four-year-old son was clamoring for a mommy. One day, he led An Ning to his father. "Dad, I've taken a liking to this woman. Either you marry her, or I will. You decide," he said. With an expressionless face, Yu Jingchen said, "Since my son has gone to great lengths, how could I not marry her?" An Ning was dumbfounded. Could this father and son be any more presumptuous? They want to marry her, but does she not have the reason to refuse?