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It was definitely love at first sight for August Maijune the day she first saw Aaron Saint in the hospital ward. Waking up suddenly from a coma after an accident, August realised she didn’t remember anything about her life and who she really was. The only person she relies on is Aaron Saint who claims to be her guardian. After, almost running over her five years ago with his car, Aaron Saint has taken responsibility to take care of August until she remembers who she was but what he didn't know was she had more than one personality living in her hence their roller coaster romance began. '‘Are you married?'’ '‘No’' ‘'Do you have a girlfriend?’' ‘'No’' ‘'Do you have a sister who is not really a sister and she is in love with you?’' ‘'No’' ‘'Then, am I allowed to fall for you? I think I’m in love with you" ‘'You’re the first woman to be this bold towards me’' This is a romance story about a man who was betrayed by love and a woman who can’t remember her past. Check out the roller coaster romance of a man and a woman who has DID. This story revolves around the female lead suffering from DID also known as Split Personality Disorder. Her battle towards finding herself and the male lead doting on her as she tries to find herself. There is also a bonus story about her children all in it. You might want to read more about her. PS: Her personalities will leave you laughing away your stress. Meet August the flirt, Maijune the fighter, Mai the little psycho who only makes bombs and June the seductress whose weakness is a handsome and beautiful man. PS: This book also features two side stories that you will surely love. Book cover does not belong to me. All credits to the original owner Hi everyone, I've decided to join this year's 2024 WSA with a new book titled; "I am Sabrina (Cursed By Love). Kindly check it out and thank you.


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