Last Words

“Lisa…” she said, her voice sounding so weak.

I felt so scared that I started crying, my tears flowing freely down my cheeks. My grandma also had tears in her eyes, and I knew that she probably knew that she didn’t have a lot of time left.

“Grandma…I…” I began speaking in between my sobs.

However, my grandmother just shook her head as if she didn’t want me to say anything. I bit my lower lips as I closed my eyes from the pain. More warm tears rolled down my cheeks as a result.

“Lisa…listen to me…well…” she said in a whisper so soft that I had to lean in to hear her speak.

Unfortunately, I had sense that her next words to me may be her last. I nodded my head and brought my ear closer to hear lips so that I could hear her better.

“You’ll be happy with Hayden. He’ll…take care of you…just like…when you were young…” she whispered as her breathing became more labored.

“What?” I said in confusion.