1 Chapter 1


"Elena, Elena wake up you lazy..." her little sister hitting her with pillow.

"aahhhh... What's wrong with you?" she gets irritated and get up.

"look sun is on head, we are getting late let's go"

"Ohh yess, sorry sorry" she rush down, her mother making food she glaring her she smiles and run more fast in backside of their wooden house. She goes in a wooden cabin and after some minutes she come out with light blue long frock and having a warm shawl on her body she shivers she run in house.

"Elena we need water" her mother shout over her.

"yes mother I'm sorry... I'm leaving"

She leave the house in hurry holding a can in her hand her litter sister also follow her back.

"Elena.. Elena" she again irritates her.

"what you want demon?"

"hawww... You cursed me" she acting dramatic.

"Ohh you little witch stop playing this game with me ok. And stop irritating me."

"hey why don't you call Robin here?" her sister name, Sally suggest her.

"shhh... If someone heard us they will sue us"

"then why you taking risks?"

"ugghhh you girl can't you shut your mouth for one second, we already get too late"

"yes, I heard about wild wolfs that's here so many wolfs roaming in forest side, and you choose forest route"

"because I want to finish this work soon this is one and only short cut"

"if mother heard about this then what will she do you know" she threat her.

"Ohh little monster I don't care i just want to finish this duty" she taking big steps.

Soon they reach the lake it's looks like silence dominates everywhere and they can hear each and every single sound, it's about afternoon but still cold winds made everyone kept them in their houses, Elena and her friends used to filling water from lake daily for household but today she gets late and she remains alone, they all work in group cause there are so many cases spreading in villages that witches grabbing girls and children for their rituals so villagers going out in groups.

"Elena, we should leave soon"

"yes, yes we just leaving" she fill the can with water the water is too cold that's her hands gets freeze in seconds she put the can on ground.

"shall I holds it?"

"no, I'll will you will break it down" she sigh smokes comes out from her mouth she keeps it up in her hands and start walking.

"Elena, do you know, price Kim"


"Prince Kim will meet the villagers soon"

"those three brothers?"

"yess they will hold a festival in villages and visiting us"

"so what?"

"Ohh!! Come on I'm so excited I heard that they are so charming had you ever seen them before?"

"no, never even I don't their names"

"I know, Taehyung, Jungkook and Jimin... I mean Prince Taehyung, Prince Jungkook and price Jimin" she gives her information.

"Ohh Prince... You respect them so much"

"we should after all they are prince"

"hmm... Prince charming of the world i dont care my prince charming is Robin my heart Prince" she blushing.

"here you go again." she hit her head.


(jungkook and Jimin cheers together they sips, and here Taehyung enters in hall with his heavy boots and fluffy shrug over his shoulders they look over him and send a smile)

"so here you are" Jungkook cheer him.

"what you guys doing?" he asks in low voice.

"drinking, you want?" Jimin asks.

"no thank you, I was about to go on hunting and I saw you both here"

"yes actually we thought to spending time together, you already practiced much Taehyung" Jungkook says.

"Hmmm... Practice.... Actually practice does not matter I want to go just for change"

"that's good you want to explore kingdom" Jimin cheer him up.

"yeah, looks like it's been decade i haven't go out"

"Hmmm, you must face your fear"

"he is brave jungkook, he just prefer precautions right?" Jimin taking his side.

"yeah, actually... But he is right too. I want to go out"

"why shouldn't go together at night?" Jungkook give an opinion.

Jimin coughing and gesture towards Taehyung with eyes, Jungkook laughs.

"I mean next morning it's about to evening, that's why" he changes words.

Taehyung smirk, and took a glass of vine from table.

"for Jungkook" he cheer for his youngest brother as he is eldest one among them. Jungkook giggle and they cheers together.


Taehyung sitting in front of carbon paper he handing a brush in his hand and softly moving his hand in circular motion on paper as painting a night scene on paper he painted stars, mountains and forest but there is only one thing remain a moon there is no moon in sky. He walks towards his balcony which closed with glass doors and having long curtains on. He touch the curtain as he going to remove them but he stops and back to his seat. Someone knock on door. He allows, his father King Kim enters in he bow in honour.

"so, what my tiger doing?"

"nothing, king just passing my time"

"Taehyung come here i want to talk to you" he sits on his huge round bed covered with red velvet blanket and cream cover. He goes to his father and sit next to him.

"soon we held a festival in villages which comes in our kingdom and you trio gonna chief guest of festivals and you know why I'm organising these all stuffs" he holds his father hand softly.

"father, I know why you doing this efforts but would it works? I mean I don't think so this problem have any solution" he alas.

"no my son, my prince you are my precious stone I have ever had, and I know we will cure this soon" he giving him hope.

"father I think Jimin is perfect for king's place" he suggest.

"Taehyung, you let the decision on me just focus on you"

"yes father"

"I'm actually glad to have a son like you"

"thank you my lord."  he place a kiss on his head and leave his room.

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