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"I-i don't u-understand" Sophie stuttered as she looked at the man sitting across her.

Felix, her boyfriend. They had been in this relationship for more than three years, more specifically, since they graduated together.

Felix had always been a loving and caring person. She always felt like the luckiest woman on earth to have met him.

They both work in different companies. Sophie works in the "New tech". A company that invents digital mobiles. She just happened to be lucky enough to get the position of assistant to the cold CEO of the company.

Frankly speaking, her job wasn't much since all she does is arrange files and settle matters with other companies sometimes in place of her boss.

Her boyfriend. Felix. works at the "Burning sea".

A movie industry that works worldwide. so for this reason, he is always on business trips most times.

Just two months ago, Felix and his crew had gone on another business trip overseas. Strangely, he started acting strange the very day he returned.

First, he starts getting irritated by all her actions. He pushes her away whenever she tries to hug him and also rarely picks up her calls.

She had earlier thought that maybe he was facing some troubles at work and needed some time to cool off, so she didn't take all his actions to heart.

Only this morning when she was preparing for work did he finally release the missile that he had been suppressing.

"I said.... let's break up" Felix repeated, averting his gaze so he couldn't see her expression.

Sophie's mind went blank. She couldn't accept this, why? Why so sudden? He was her life, her reason to keep going. Even when she felt like giving up, thinking about him would always give her the strength and courage to try harder, and now... he was leaving??

Impossible! She wouldn't allow this.

Sophie stood up from her seat, in her brown office skirt and white long sleeve shirt with the first three buttons hanging free. She walked toward him and fell to her knees.

She placed her trembling hands on his lap and raised her face to look at his face. Her makeup was already in a mess with her eyes red, tears swelled up in them, and blinking ones would only make her tears run faster.

"Babe.... look at me. Tell me, what's wrong? Why make such a decision so suddenly?" Sophie said in a soft mutter. Trying her best to smile as bright as she could.

Felix didn't look at her and just stared at the floor, maybe looking at her face would make him take back his words.

"I don't just feel like continuing this relationship anymore so I want to quit it, and don't call me babe, I'm done," he said ruthlessly to her. Sophie could spot the feeling of reluctance in his voice. He was lying.

"Tell me. Please, why? Is it me? Tell me where am I doing wrong? I promise to change! Do you want a baby? I can do that too. P-please, please talk to me" Sophie couldn't hold it anymore and her voice finally cracked, she cried and buried her face in his palms, wetting them with her tears.

Felix took a deep breath and looked at her. Her body was shaking, he couldn't keep up with this, he had to say something to make her leave also.

"Yes! It's because of you. I don't like you anymore, you hear me? I don't want you anymore" he shook her off his lap forcefully and shouted at her.

Sophie felt her heart tighten, her thoughts were turning into a mess, and she felt her whole life falling apart.

"No! please don't say that. Tell me, tell me what I did wrong, where am I missing? I promise to fit your taste, please! I can't live without you" Sophie hugged his knees and cried her heart out to him.

" I don't want you to change, just leave me, we are done" Felix's reply struck her like a tsunami.

She suddenly went quiet, she looked up to him, he was still there, she looked at the wall, their photo frame together was still there.

Taking a deep breath. Sophie slowly rose from the floor then went to her previous seat and grabbed her black jacket, after putting it on, she turned back to Felix, who was looking at her strangely.

Wasn't she just wailing a while ago??

Sophie didn't bother with his confused gaze and went to the door. She always kept all her footwear by the side. She took out a pair of black heels and slid her feet into them and stood straight.

Just before stepping out of the door, she turned around and looked at Felix "We aren't done with this matter yet, wait for me to return, let's talk this over"

Sophie tilted her head and said with a smile, trying to act cute.

Even though her makeup was already in ruins and her red hair stuck to her face, her beauty couldn't be hidden. She still was as beautiful as always, even Felix had to admit this fact.

Seeing that Felix didn't reply to her words, Sophie forced a laugh and waved at him before going out.

Closing the door behind her, she rested her back on the door as her face grew sad and tears quickly gathered up in the corner of her eyes.

She stayed like that for more than a minute before finally leaving, using tissue paper to wipe her tears and make-up off her face. She looked extremely naturally beautiful, though her eyes were swollen.

Sophie looked at her wristwatch, she was already late for work but right now, she didn't care if she was late or not.

Walking along the busy street in absentmindedness, Sophie paid no attention to the way people looked at her, the men looked at her with love-shaped eyes, they were totally convinced by her beauty.

The women looked at her with envy. They all wanted to look just like her, she was like a goddess that had been chased into a mortal world, even celebrities would envy her.

They only wanted her merits but none knew the pain her heart was battling with.

After walking for nearly five minutes, Sophie finally reached her destination.

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