1 Blind

In the depth of night, three shadows were facing each other. Each of them had different emotions in their eyes.

"It was a mistake," her voice trimbled while her voice was filled with sorrow " I will leave now." not waiting for anyone of them to speak, Clara made her way down the road.

Her eyes were filled with water. She blamed herself for her stupidity. Her heels were making scraping noise tapping over fallen leaves like the breaking of her heart. 'Why was she so blind?' 'What was wrong with her?' 'She is not a child anymore.'

Heartbreak was not a big deal, but getting heartbroken by your most trusted companions was more suffocating.

Clara whipped her tears when a black sedan came into her view. The driver respectfully opened the door while she slipped into the back seat. Her surrendering fell into silence.

After Clara calmed her mind, her eyes were sharp, but the dripping water through them did not stop. "Take me to Silver Inn."

The driver wanted to say a few words, but looking at his miss's condition, he decided against it. He has known her since her childhood, but she was never this sad. Keeping his eyes on the road, he started the car and drove into the death of night.

Clara tilted her head and looked at the changing lights.

Unknown to her, the tension was brewing at the opposite side of her destination. The two men were still confronting each other with equal contempt.

Times have certainly changed. Alexander walked towards the other with unknown feelings in his heart.

Why was he so angry? Because Kyle intentionally disregarded their lifelong friendship for a girl? Or was it because he hurt Clara's feelings? Or was it because his beloved chose Kyle above him?

He stood in front of Kyle, his face devoid of any emotion. It was an expression he was facing the outside world. Arrogant, Indifferent, and Emotionless.

"You crossed a line this time," he put his hand on Kyle's shoulder one last time " I hope we don't cross paths in the future."

Taking a step forward, Alexander whispered, "because then I won't be easy to deal with."

Alexander walked away with steady steps. Some things are meant to be broken, maybe their friendship was one of them.

Kyle stood there, staring at a far distance. His eyes were unfocused.

They were all proud creatures, and none of them wanted to back down. He found someone for himself, but in the process lost the two most significant people that mattered.

He sighed wistfully and walked in the opposite direction with steady but massive steps.

The climate was still, not a single leaf moved. The moon above the head was already covered by thick clouds blocking its moonlight completely.

The moonlit night was turning murky, and the hearts were heavy. All three felt that today's weather was exceptionally cold.

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