Love Once Again

Six years ago, Tang Shi Yi disappeared from Ye Heng's side, leaving without a trace. The next time they saw each other again was at a company event where Tang Shi Yi appeared as a shareholder. The woman was still beautiful, attracting the attention of countless men. Fate allowed them to run into each other again, countless times even though Tang Shi Yi wanted to avoid Ye Heng. She had a secret and was determined not to tell him about her children. One day, Ye Heng saw the young boy who stood beside Tang Shi Yi. Ye Heng looked at the little boy who resembled himself before looking at the woman before him. "Tell me the truth. This boy... He is my son, right?" Tang Shi Yi looked away anxiously, wondering how she should explain the situation. Book from the same universe: The Author Must Die Cover Illustration by Kirinlukis

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Tang Chen

Tang Shi Yi was in the middle of applying some makeup on her face when she heard the continuous ringing of the doorbell.

"Chen Chen? Can you help me to see who is at the door?"

A young boy ran over and peeked at the door. "Mommy, it was someone I don't know. I think that uncle is here to sell something."

"Really?" Tang Shi Yi raised her brow. 

"Mhm..." The little boy nodded. He stared at his mother with his big eyes. "Mommy, I'm sure that the person will leave once he realizes that there is no one around."

"Mmm... My baby is right. That person will leave soon." Tang Shi Yi looked away from her son and turned to look at the mirror again, wanting to get ready quickly, and headed to the company.

The little boy heaved a breath of relief when his mother was no longer paying attention to the person who was outside the door.

Ding Dong!

The boy frowned. He walked over to the door with his short legs and climbed up the small step chair in front of him.

Tang Chen pressed the button on the wall and a handsome face appeared.

His brow furrowed. 

He recognized this man well.

Yin Yi Bo, a friend of his mother. 

Tang Chen knew that her mother and Uncle Yin had been friends for a long time. However, Tang Chen did not like this man, but it seemed that this person would not stop pestering his mother.

He might be a little child, but Tang Chen knew that Uncle Yin was chasing his mother. Tang Yin did not like it. His mother belonged to him and Xiao Xiao. 

His little mouth pursed into a thin line. Tang Chen tried to think of a way to stop this man from coming over to his house frequently, but he could not figure out what he should do.

He stared at the man on the camera for a long time before finally deciding to turn it off.

Silence returned to the place. Tang Chen jumped down from the chair and ran over to the living room. He picked up the book and started reading it again.

His legs moved back and forth as he continued to read the book. 

Suddenly, the door was pushed open. Tang Chen looked up and smiled brightly when he saw his mother walking out of her bedroom. 

The light in his eyes lit up. "Mommy! You look so pretty!"

Tang Shi Wei laughed. "Mmm... Chen Chen, you think so?"

The little boy nodded. "Mommy, you are always the prettiest."

Tang Shi Wei's eyes grew gentler. She crouched down and watched as her son ran over to her side. Tang Shi Wei hugged her son tightly and kissed him on top of his head. "My Chen Chen's mouth is a little sweet."

"He he..." Tang Chen laughed happily.

"Chen Chen..." Tang Shi Wei pulled away from her son and looked at her straight in the eyes. The look on her face turned serious. "You know that Mommy will have to work up late today, right?"

The little boy pursed his lips into a thin line. It was clear that he was very unhappy to know that his mother was going to work overtime.

"There is an important meeting today and I need to attend it," Tang Shi Yi continued.

"Mommy, I know." Tang Chen nodded. "Chen Chen is very sensible. Mommy, you don't have to worry about me."

"Then, you will have to stay at home with Uncle Yin, alright?" 

The little boy had a complicated look on his face. "Mommy, can I not stay with Uncle Yin? How about you bring me along with you to the office? I promise you that I will sit quietly and not do anything to disturb you."

Tang Chen was worried. He knew that at his mother's office, there was still Uncle Guan who was interested in his mother. Tang Chen did not like Uncle Guan as well.

A faint smile appeared on Tang Shi Yi's face. "Mommy knows that Chen Chen is the most obedient. But this time, you have to stay home. There is an event and it is not suitable for me to bring you along."

Tang Chen lowered his head, sulking. Then, he looked up again and spoke, "Then, Mommy... can you take Chen Chen to play at the theme park on the weekend?"

Tang Shi Yi pinched the boy on the cheek and laughed. "Of course."

"Then, can we take Xiao Xiao with us?"

Tang Shi Yi paused, seemingly to consider her son's suggestion. "Xiao Xiao... It is really not suitable for her to visit the theme park. Chen Chen, you know that she is still unwell."

The little boy lowered his head again. "Then, we'll change the plans. Mommy, let's go to the zoo instead. We'll look at the animals where there were not a lot of people going. Xiao Xiao should be fine, right?"

Tang Shi Yi hugged her son tightly. She knew well how much her son loved his little sister. 

However, Xiao Xiao's condition recently was not that good. 

She could not go to a crowded place or else, her condition would worsen.

"Then, we will have to see first. If Xiao Xiao's condition is better, then, we'll take her out to play along with Grandma, alright?"

"Really?" Tang Chen's face lit up once again. "Mommy, you said it."

"Un. I said it. I won't go back against my words."

Tang Chen raised his hand. "Mommy, pinky promise."

Tang Shi Yi hooked her pinky finger with her son and promised that she would take him out later.

After a while, Tang Shi Yi stood up and looked at the door again. "Speaking of that... Where is your Uncle Yin? Didn't he say that he was coming over?" She looked at the clock on the wall. "He should be here long ago."

Tang Chen lowered his head again to hide his guilty conscience. 

His heartbeat accelerated as he watched his mother walk over to the door.

"Hmm?" Tang Shi Yi noticed that there was something wrong with the monitor. "Why is this thing off?" She pressed the button and was surprised to see Yin Yi Bo's face. "Yi Bo?"

Tang Chen ran off to read his book again the moment he heard his mother open the door.

"When did you get here?" Tang Shi Yi asked.

So, this person decided to write a side story! Kinda...

With Ye Heng from 'The Author Must Die' as the ML.

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