Love Once Again

Six years ago, Tang Shi Yi disappeared from Ye Heng's side, leaving without a trace. The next time they saw each other again was at a company event where Tang Shi Yi appeared as a shareholder. The woman was still beautiful, attracting the attention of countless men. Fate allowed them to run into each other again, countless times even though Tang Shi Yi wanted to avoid Ye Heng. She had a secret and was determined not to tell him about her children. One day, Ye Heng saw the young boy who stood beside Tang Shi Yi. Ye Heng looked at the little boy who resembled himself before looking at the woman before him. "Tell me the truth. This boy... He is my son, right?" Tang Shi Yi looked away anxiously, wondering how she should explain the situation. Book from the same universe: The Author Must Die Cover Illustration by Kirinlukis

zetsubouaichan · Urban
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300 Chs

Grandma, Bye-Bye

Tang Shi Yi accompanied her daughter to the wardroom to meet a few of her friends. 

It has been a while since Tang Xiao came to this ward. She found out that a lot of people who were staying at the hospital with her were no longer there. 

There were a lot of kids that she did not know. It was said that Liu Qing Yang who often played with her during her stay at the hospital was already discharged.

However, Tang Xiao did meet up with the doctor and nurses who had taken care of her in the past. 

After spending a while at the ward, Tang Xiao finally left with her mother.

"Xiao Xiao, will you wait for me here?" Tang Shi Yi said as she stopped beside a bench. "Mommy is going to take your medicine first. I won't be far. I'll be at the counter where you can see me."