Love Once Again

Six years ago, Tang Shi Yi disappeared from Ye Heng's side, leaving without a trace. The next time they saw each other again was at a company event where Tang Shi Yi appeared as a shareholder. The woman was still beautiful, attracting the attention of countless men. Fate allowed them to run into each other again, countless times even though Tang Shi Yi wanted to avoid Ye Heng. She had a secret and was determined not to tell him about her children. One day, Ye Heng saw the young boy who stood beside Tang Shi Yi. Ye Heng looked at the little boy who resembled himself before looking at the woman before him. "Tell me the truth. This boy... He is my son, right?" Tang Shi Yi looked away anxiously, wondering how she should explain the situation. Book from the same universe: The Author Must Die Cover Illustration by Kirinlukis

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Company Banquet

On the other side of the hotel...

Ye Heng walked to the lobby and finally saw his youngest sister sitting on the sofa. Her eyes were looking at the phone in her hand. Ye Heng walked over and his sister finally looked up as he approached.

"Elder Brother." Ye Qing Luo stood up and smiled. "You are here."

"Hmm.... Xiao Luo, have you waited for too long?"

"No. It wasn't that long. I texted you a couple of minutes before I arrived," Ye Qing Luo said, knowing that her brother would be able to estimate her arrival time.

Ye Heng heaved a helpless sigh. He shifted his gaze to the document in his younger sister's hand. "Is that for me?"

"Un." Ye Qing Luo raised the document in her hand and passed it over to her elder brother. "Elder Brother, this is the document you asked."

"Thank you." Ye Heng checked the content and finally heaved in relief upon noticing that his sister had brought the right document. Then, he looked up again and spoke, "Dad did not say anything, right?"

There was a faint smile on Ye Qing Luo's face. "He said that you are too careless. How can you forget an important document when you're going to meet a client?"

Ye Heng laughed. "Alright then." He remembered the client who was waiting for him in the hotel's coffee house. "I should go now." He patted his youngest sister on the head. Ye Heng was about to turn around and leave when he remembered something else. "Xiao Luo, will you be alright to go home alone?"

Ye Qing Luo clicked her tongue. "Elder Brother. I'm already an adult. You shouldn't worry about me."

"It's not safe to walk alone at night." Ye Heng had a frown on his face.

"I didn't come alone." Ye Qing Luo lowered her head shyly. She did not dare to look at her elder brother in the eyes. 

It was not that hard for Ye Heng to figure out who his youngest sister came over with. "Alright. Just remember to go home before it's too late."

"Elder Brother, I know."

Ye Heng pursed his lips as he studied his youngest sister's expression a while longer. "One of these days, you are going to have to introduce your boyfriend to me. I should have a proper talk with him."

Ye Qing Luo could only laugh anxiously.

Her elder brother had seen her with her boyfriend a few times. However, Ye Qing Luo was afraid of her elder brother and would not let her boyfriend talk to him.

The thought of letting her elder brother talk to her boyfriend was making her anxious.

Ye Heng gave a few reminders to his sister before he turned around and headed to the hotel's coffee house to find his client.

The two sat down to discuss business for a long time.

Once their discussion ended, Ye Heng stayed around and waited for Lin Mo to check on the documents that he had prepared.

They were sitting closer to the entrance. Therefore, Ye Heng noticed that there would be a few men and women all dressed up walking along the corridor.

"There's a banquet going on in the hotel's ballroom," Ye Heng's client, Mr. Lin Mo spoke. He reached for his glass of juice and took a sip from it. "Young Master Ye, are you familiar with a company called A-Link?"

"A-Link?" Ye Heng pondered over the man's words. "I've heard of it. They are quite popular with their software." 

It was said that the president was young and good-looking. He started the company from scratch and built up the company within a short time. With A-Link's president's reputation, Ye Heng definitely would hear about that man.

The smile on Lin Mo's face widened. "Coincidentally, I have received an invitation to attend A-Link's company banquet. Young Master Ye, would you like to go with me?"

"It's alright."

"Just come with me for a little while," Lin Mo continued to persuade. "This way, I can find an excuse to leave early."

Ye Heng chuckled at Lin Mo's suggestion. He met the man's gaze and saw that the other party was being serious. "Alright then." He figured that it would do him no harm to go over and take a look. 

Perhaps, he could do some networking as well by meeting new people.

After checking that there was nothing wrong with the document, Ye Heng paid for their bills before following Lin Mo upstairs. 

When they arrived in the ballroom, Ye Heng noticed that the company's main event seemed to have ended. However, there were still many people hanging around the ballroom to socialize.

Ye Heng followed Lin Mo around the ballroom and was introduced to a few people.

Knowing that the company's president was still around, Lin Mo decided to go over and greet the man. Then, he will find an excuse to leave.

Ye Heng followed Lin Mo closely, knowing that the man would need his help to leave later.

"President Quan." Lin Mo greeted and stretched his hand for a handshake.

"Mr. Lin. I'm glad that you're able to make it here," Quan Lian shook hands with the man. 

"I'm sorry that I was a little late," Lin Mo said. "I have an important business to attend to."

"It's alright."

Lin Mo turned to Ye Heng and spoke, "President Quan, let me introduce you... this is Young Master Ye Heng from Ye Group."

Quan Lian shifted his gaze to Ye Heng and smiled. "Hello. I'm Quan Lian from A-Link."

Ye Heng nodded. "I'm Ye Heng." 

Quan Lian spoke briefly with Ye Heng. Then, noticing the tall woman walking over, Quan Lian waved his hand over and pulled Tang Shi Yi's arms to his.

Her body spun to face the two guests who were talking to Quan Lian. The moment Tang Shi Yi saw Ye Heng, her expression froze.

"Let me introduce you." Quan Lian placed a hand on Tang Shi Yi's shoulder. "This is A-Link new partner. Miss Tang Shi Yi."

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