1 Introduction (first part.)

✨I won't change the story, I'll just put it in shorter chapters and fix some details. (enjoy new readers) no power stone needed... ✨

Unfortunately I have seen how the world is going to hell little by little and I mean it...

Cities, Communities, Towns, Villages, everything, absolutely everything.

Electricity, water, gas, governments.

Why not cry ?

When you are responsible for the lives of others, you have to show off and be strong. This should be at all times, especially when these people are the most important in your life.

"Your family"

Thank goodness we caught the problem early and, like many other people, moved to a more remote location, before the problem exploded.

Now you wonder, what the hell is this old man talking about?

I'm talking about zombies, what else. But my story does not start here, my story begins long before everything goes to shit..literally.

Let me introduce myself: My name is John...John Spartan I am happily married to Isabel Jones and we have a beautiful daughter named Emily.

I entered the army at the age of 16, two years later I married Isabel.

I was serving in the army for several years in those years I was climbing in the different grades

Recruit, Private Second Class, Private First Class, Specialist, Corporal, and Sergeant.

Then I joined the special forces, first it was the green berets, then red berets and finally black berets..

I served as commander-in-chief of the battalion of Survival, Evasion and Escape. (Phantom Group)

They were good times, but I had to leave, mainly for my family

My wife threatened me one day, She called on the phone and told me loud and clear. ► "JOHN, we need you at home, if you don't come back, I'm going with my boss." ◄Those words set off all my alarms, although the process for my desertion was tedious and tired...

I returned home in three days.

I hate her stupid boss, By the way, I came back in a bad mood, but I came back home, that was the important thing.

I did not work for six months, during which time I was my wife's personal driver. To scare away that stupid fly her boss. Don't worry, nothing extreme like kicking the shit out of him...

I sincerely wanted to.

He was also my little Emily's driver, who dropped her off and took her to school.

When Emily finished elementary school, her mother gave us great news. ►"Well, today I quit my job."◄ We were both speechless in surprise.

But their news did not end yet and my wife tells us. ►"My sister asked me to open a business."◄ Then Isabel began to take several sketches of clothes. (blouses, dresses, shirts, pants, shorts, skirts and underwear)

With a big smile on his face he tells us ►"it will be a clothing brand, we will start locally and if it works we will move to other places with some franchises."◄ My wife took out two packages.

The first package contained several photos.

I realize how serious it is, when he showed me the brand, location and posters of the stand, ►" the store will be here"◄ pointing to a traditional store with large windows, a sideboard in the corner, the dressing rooms in the background and also I met that street..

When he saw how confused I was, she told me. ►"they contacted me months ago" ◄ Handing me the other package, a yellow envelope, when I opened it and read the documents I had, I was surprised, with wide eyes.

* shock *

the documents fell to the floor

While I was taking several photographs of the floor, my wife Isabel told me. ► "Several days ago they put this house up for sale and I bought it Then my sister arrived, with her idea and everything else is history.."◄ I stop paying attention when looking at the photos. It was the house where I lived with my family, when I was little..

The short story: My father ran away from home, leaving my mother up to her neck in debt. my mother had to sell the house and flee the country with my sisters. due to constant threats from the group of lenders. (mainly gang members.)

After wiping my tears away several times, Isabel hugged me and then Emily joined us.

I was so happy to come home after so many years.

That night, Isabel was meowing like a cat in heat, but I didn't let her rest.

After several days we decided to start the move, those were two of the busiest weeks I had, it all started after Emily's school closed.

My girl only asks us for a vacation trip, she had planned to visit her grandmothers with a couple of friends, my wife and one of the girls' mothers accompanied them

The day of her departure we took them to the airport and after they got on the plane. I leaving the airport, I took the interstate and we started our own journey, back home..

At first it was great while tidying the house, the repairs were consuming all my time, I was always doing something in my new house.

Technically I didn't do anything, were the workers, I was just the assistant, the guy who takes care of the tools. But I was happy to be part of the building process, learning various trades on the surface.

When the repairs were finished, to kill time, I went to a new gym, the owner of the premises, he was an acquaintance and he asked me for help, to teach classes in the mornings.

Nothing very crazy I want to clarify.

They were just an informal class, they were getting started with the workout, in truth you would be surprised how many people have no idea how to start a warm up.

Class started at 8:00 a.m. and it lasted two hours, seeing the popularity it had, the owner convinced me to have a second class, which would start at 10:00 a.m. And when he grew up, he got another one at 12:00 p.m.

Unintentionally my life started at 7:00 am to go to the gym and return home at 3:00 pm

This was daily.

Months passed and then several years.

In the afternoon leaving the gym,, it was 3:00 pm to be exact. An incredible-looking lady was waiting for me outside the gym and when she saw me leave, she immediately approached me and asked me something that I never imagined would happen.

►"Hello Mr. Spartan, my name is Scarlet Butcher and we would like to invite you to become an instructor at our private institute in the valley."◄I stayed in shock

Seeing my silence, the lady begins to explain quickly. ► "the government asked all public or private secondary and high schools to implement mandatory self-defense and survival courses." ◄

At this point let me clear up a couple of things, for most people, they wouldn't mind this information, they would put it on the back of their heads and get on with their lives.

For other types of people they even launch protests and some marches expressing their dissatisfaction with such acts of the government authoritarian and militaristic.

But for us no, this would trigger several alarms, very serious.

Because ??

This type of education already exists, if you want, join the army and voila, young people receive the capacity they need in militarized private schools. But everything changes by making it "compulsory."

Things were very, very serious.

Before answering, I let out a breath. (we're screwed) I think before looking at the sky.

Mrs. Scarlet got a little anxious and tells me.► "the army was in charge of sending all its available personnel along with the instructors in reserve to the main public elementary, middle and high schools. "◄

The lady takes a breath and continues telling me... ► "they are running out of staff for private institutes and to avoid unnecessary controversies with parents. All young people in their last year will have the option of taking mandatory sports workshops for "graduate. "◄

The lady lowers her eyes and tells me in a low voice. ►We have asked the government for help in locating some qualified instructors and their names appeared on our list. "◄

The truth...is that I do not want to get involved in any of this.

Whichever way you look at it, believe me if I could, I would already be crossing the border with my whole family right now, seriously, this is not good at all.

Let's just say that this woman is very dangerous, to receive this type of lists, just think about it for two seconds, I am not a simple lettuce for supermarket lists...

As he was about to reject his offer.

Mrs. Scarlet told me something that she had completely forgotten. ► "Mr. John Spartan, I know this decision is very difficult for you to make. This time you can choose whether you want to teach or not. Just as I found your name, others can and remember that there are people who can never say no."◄

She is right.

Even if you can be stubborn, and saying no.

There are very vile people in this world and believe me, you will be very lucky if you can find your relative in the bars of Bangladesh or on a streetJohannesburg like prostitute..

With this in mind I give the lady a big smile.

Mrs. Scarlet surprises me by saying. ►"if you teach at our school, I can promise you that your registration will mysteriously disappear and no one will look for you again." ◄

I wanted to scoff at this lady's proposal, just so you know, our government records, they are very special..

Unless they confirm our death with various DNA and dental records, not to mention the series / documentary with images and videos.

Only in this way are we considered officially dead.

In short, we are like bombs with feet, the army recognizes everything we do.

even my phone numbers are tapped..

listening to that I say to the lady.► "Okay, I'm inside how long do I need to work for you. "◄

the lady takes her phone and makes a call. "Dad, I convinced him ... well, I'll be home. ... I'm counting on you ... bye, take care of yourself"

She ends his call and says. ►"our contract will be for three years then If you want you can extend it, for more years, we will wait for you in the morning. "◄

The woman turned around and walked towards a black BMW, her body was impressive and no, I'm not talking about the car, you see, boy, go to sleep, go, just go.

As Mrs. Scarleth approaches the car, a young woman dressed in a black business suit answered the door.

Another lady got out of the passenger seat, came over to where I was and half a new phone.

Then the lady with a grimace on her face, she tells me. ►"a team is cleaning your house of any 'bug' go have fun in a bar get drunk and come home late. "◄

(bugs = they are listening devices or surveillance cameras. )

Then she asks me for my phone.

The moment she has it in her hand, the the lady destroys it completely, that yes, I did not expect it.

Constantly guarded by the army. He was happy to go to the bar.

The woman just turned around and went to the car, then they drove away.

For my part. I go to my truck and when I sat down, I stayed behind the wheel..

At last I could be calm.

Maybe they don't understand the magnitude of this, but every morning I had to check the bathroom to be able to shit calmly and forget about being able to have an adventure, everyone would know it except me, I can assure you.

That afternoon I started drinking a few beers in one of the local bars while having some pork ribs, after two or three beers I went to the next bar and then the next.

I knew that at home, there was no one, my wife was promoting, the next clothing line with her sister and my daughter Emily is with her friends, all weekend.

Technically I was free tonight, I continued to other bars, until I got totally drunk, the guy at the bar, asked me for a taxi to go home and avoid an accident on the way.

The house was dark, the taxi driver had just left me, at the entrance of the house and I waited until he left, then I went in and walked through the living room and went upstairs

Upon entering the room, Isabel was lying on her stomach, in her underwear, at first this surprised me, she and my sister in law would not arrive until tomorrow afternoon, to make sure that she was my wife, look for her things, bag, watch, bracelet and rings were where they always..

Also her clothes were thrown everywhere

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