1 Heaven Academy

Heaven Academy, an institute that was known for its prestige and high-quality education boasting a 100% passing rate on board exams. The top 100 spots were always filled with Heaven Academy students. Not only does this school boast mental prowess it also is known for its competitive sports teams that always rank first place.

It was a school where only the best of the best get in. The best part of this school was that it is affordable by anyone and everyone within the school were noble elites worthy of being called geniuses.

The school's motto was, "Reach for the heavens, nothing less is accepted." A motto fit for a strong school with a prestigious background. Everyone wanted to get in but only a few select people are allowed. This was a dream school for anyone and everyone.

Such a noble public image that everyone in the school understood that their every action was a representation of the school's image.

To prevent any issues from getting out, the students were only allowed to stay in the dorms to focus on studies. Internet usage was limited to studies and only a limited amount of time to contact their families.

Although there were strict rules, it was acceptable by society due to the school's prestige. Everything one would need in order to live would be provided by the school as to not limit their freedom.

It was a week before the start of the school year, the summer breeze was blowing out to its last breath. The time for fun and relaxation was over and the joyful chatter of children filled the streets. There was nothing amiss other than a cold beverage in one's hand as they would enjoy their last days of enjoyment.

It was roughly 4:00 pm, in a house that looked average with the same appearance as the other houses in the same street, only being able to be distinguished by the plate numbers in front of the houses, a sharp sudden slice of a knife sliced a head off a dead body.

A burst of bone-chilling laughter echoed within the room as this teen woman put the knife down beside the body. This woman covered her ears with her hands and started rocking back and forth, "HAHAHAHAHA! I told you that if you thought of another girl you would... regret it..." She stopped laughing mid-way of her sentence as she stood up and cleaned the vicinity, only disdain was left on her face.

A man strapped down on a chair with his hands and legs bound to it alongside his fingers which were shackled to the point that even moving a single inch would take up all his strength was sitting in a dark room headless. There was blood everywhere and even his family was not spared from this cruel fate.

This teen is named Fiona Hanie, her real name is unknown, she is currently 16 and is enrolled in Heaven Academy. She took the identity of Fiona Hanie and used it to enroll. Considering everything, she is quite resourceful on everything she does. No hesitation, only movement.

"Ah! I almost forgot, silly me!" Fiona knocked on her head playfully with her motion resembling a typical teen girl. Fiona took the teen's bracelet and aligned it with hers. At this point, all the blood was cleaned up and the bodies were buried under the house, inside the living room.

[Transaction Complete]

"You don't need these points anymore, right? Teehee~" With a cheerful, childlike expression on her face, one could totally forget that she killed an entire family already without any remorse for their lives.

"There's only a week left, huh? Time to make some new friends! Maybe even a boyfriend! Oh, I can't wait!" These lines are something that a typical girl would say.

"Tsk! Not girly enough! Maybe that's why he kept on thinking of some other girls. Time to step up my game! Time tooo make some new friends! Maaybe even a boyfriend! Yieeee, I can't wait! Better but I gotta practice some more." Fiona kept practicing these lines in front of a mirror for a good few hours until she got it with the right pitch. Over the course of this week, Fiona just kept practicing on changing her voice into something more girly.

Just the day before orientation at Heaven Academy, Fiona was readying everything so that she could go to school without issues. "How many times do I have to do this to find my one true love? Hais, such a bother!" Her voice revealed her true self. It was a tomboyish voice but still had faint femininity behind it. She learned too many things, it was all so that she could find her one true love.

Fiona's true appearance was that she had short black hair, deep red eyes, a well-toned body as a result of rigorous exercises but was not noticeable, an extremely slim figure with small boobs. Her face was actually gorgeous even though her attitude was tomboyish, it was still a sight to see.

The following day at the entrance of Heaven Academy, Fiona was well groomed. She had a long blonde wig reaching down to her back, she had blue contact lenses, she wore a neat outfit with the logo of Heaven Academy and she had a white bracelet that she wore before. Fiona looked quite delicate, like a flower that could be taken away by the wind at any time.

At the entrance, there was a check-in booth where students were lining up, although there were nearly a thousand students lining up it still took no time. There was the press trying to interview the students but they all refused, nonetheless, they did their segments but still continued to film.

Fiona walked and tried to go in line, as she did so, no matter how beautiful she was compared to the average female, she was still nothing in comparison to the beauties in Heaven Academy. No one looked at her other than a few students that blocked their line of sight to the beauty of the school, Anna Siena.

"Hey you, blondie! Get the hell out of the way!" A student exclaimed at her. A few other students supported the action. This didn't affect Fiona at all but acted flustered and cute, she hoped to find her one true love and see her as an ideal woman.

"I am acting cute and feeble! I hope my darling will find me attractive!" Fiona thought to herself as she looked down and went to the back of the line. However, there was no such person in the line which made Fiona disappointed but no matter, the school could house thousands of students, she was bound to find her on true love somewhere.

Anna was walking to stand in line so she could get in alongside her circle of friends. A few, by few I mean everyone, of the male students invited them to cut in line but Anna simply declined all their offers, "I am sorry I do not wish to cut in line! I will wait just like you all did." Her voice was as heavenly and melodious as an angel's.

At the end of the line, Anna stood behind Fiona which made the latter a tad bit angry. "If she is here then my one true love might not look at me but her!" Fiona shook with frustration as she thought of this. "For now though, I will only consider her as a low threat to my happiness."

As the line closed in, it was Fiona's turn to verify her bracelet at the booth. After doing so, the man was shocked as he trembled after looking at what showed up at the screen. "Something the matter, mister?" Fiona did it the cutest way she could as she combed her hair behind her ear.

The man closed in as he whispered, "Ma'am, w-would you like to display your points? Or are you one of those 'people'?"

Fiona knew what the man in front of him meant. In Heaven Academy, instead of money, everything was paid with points. Additionally, there was also a leaderboard of people with the most points. The higher you are on the ladder, the more benefits one would get.

How could one get points? Well, there are 4 ways one could points.

1. Daily points for daily expenses. The higher one is in the leaderboard, the more points one would earn in the leaderboard.

2. Scoring high in the tests and exams. Points would be given based on score, not being placed in the exam.

3. Being given voluntarily by other students.

4. Challenging others by betting a set amount of points and agreed punishments.

Currently, in Fiona's bracelet, there are 12 million points stored in it. For comparison, a single cup of instant noodles could cost 1 point and a good meal would be around 5 points. Having 12 million points basically means that you are in the top 5 of the school without question, possibly even take the first place.

"No, thank you though! Even though I do not know what that means!" A such a sweet innocent smile was acted out as she lightly knocked her head acting all cutesy.

"O-Okay, please enter!" The man gestured Fiona to enter, something she had experienced a couple of times before.

As soon as she entered, to her surprise there he was. There, the man in her eyes portrayed as the man she was truly destined to be with. She ran without hesitation as she went to him without caring about her figure at all. She gleamed with starts in her eyes, can she finally be in love with her darling?

Without expecting it, the man faced her direction as he smiled with pure joy. Fiona didn't care would weird it was, HE was looking at her with joy in his eyes. As soon as she reached in front of him, she introduced herself as soon as she could, "Hi! My name is Fi--"

She was cut off as soon as she realized he wasn't looking at her rather he was looking behind her. It was the school's beauty, Anna Siena. A trigger was flipped within her as she broke, her thoughts then fully consisted of how to torture Anna in every single possible way, how to humiliate her, how to slowly peel off her skin as she would beg to be killed, how to ruin her family and be the cause of it.

Fiona's thoughts showed it on her face, it was a face full of disgust, she was biting her thumb as she tried to calm herself. Even though she was showing such a scary face, no one was able to notice it because Anna's beauty encaptured everything.

She immediate ran into a bathroom, luckily there was no one currently since everyone here as of now was all new students, except for Anna and her friends.

"WHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHY! FUCK THAT BITCH! TAKING HIS FUCKING ATTENTION! BITCHBITCHBITCHBITCH! I'LL SHOW YOU! I'LL SHOW YOU SOMETHING EVEN THE DEVIL WILL FEAR! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Fiona gritted her teeth as her she bit her thumb which was now bleeding quite bad. She screamed everything without constraint since everything was soundproof. After noticing that her thumb was bleeding, she immediately punched the cement wall of the bathroom and it cracked, leaving blood from her bleeding thumb.

Her eyes were wide and full of rage and anger. She then crumbled down and covered her ears and rocked back and forth while laughing hysterically to calm herself down. After an episode of something that will terrify even those who had seen death in the face, Fiona stood up and planned out how to ruin Anna's life.

Fiona got out of the bathroom, she had already treated her injury. She tilted her head and looked at Anna with bloodshot eyes, "You are going to... regret this... ha... haha... hahaha..." Another hysterical laugh escapes her but before anyone could notice she was already gone.

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