1 Chapter 1

This is an omegaverse story.

A/B/O, which stands for "alpha/beta/omega," is another name for the speculative erotic fiction subgenre known as Omegaverse, which was first known as erotic slash fan fiction. Stories in the genre are predicated on societies where people are organized into dominant "alphas," neutral "betas," and subservient "omegas" in a hierarchy of dominance. These words are drawn from those that characterize animal social hierarchies in ethology. Omegaverse fiction frequently focuses on human behavior that resembles that of wolves or other canids, particularly when it comes to sex. This includes scent marking, breeding, pack structures, rutting and heat cycles, the pheromonal attraction between alphas and omegas, penises with knots, and rutting. It's common to think of male omegas as having a reproductive system. In certain works, a caste structure is introduced, with Alphas represented as the upper-class elites and Omegas at the bottom and subject to prejudice. Though heterosexual Omegaverse pieces have been created, the majority of the works in this subgenre of fan fiction, known as slash fiction, center on male-male pairings.

Marking - The act of biting an omega's nape in order for the alpha to claim the omega as his or her mate. This cannot be undone and is equivalent to marriage.

Fated Mates - An alpha-omega pair who are fated to be with each other.

Knotting - The swelling of an alpha's penis inside an omega during sexual intercourse to make the possibility of pregnancy higher.


93% of the human population is comprised with betas, 4% of high class alphas, and 3% of... the lowly omegas.

Betas are pretty average compared to alphas and omegas. Average looks, height, body build, and genitals. Alphas are intimidating, good-looking, and tall, and they also excel at everything. They have big genitals... and they are dominant in bed. Omegas have small body builds and small genitals. They are undeniably pretty, whether they're men or women, and they also pretty much excel at a lot of things just like alphas--- but unfortunately, they're still considered lowly human beings solely because they can't control their heat cycles and it interferes with their daily lives. An omega's heat cycle is also irregular, and omegas with regular heat cycles are very rare. Those omegas are considered to be dominant as they also have very strong pheromones. Recessive omegas have a very weak scent and have a low fertility rate. Alphas, on the other hand, don't have to suffer a lot because it's quite rare for an alpha to experience a rut. At most, maybe they will have a rut only twice a year. Dominant alphas have strong pheromones, and on the contrary, recessive alphas have weak pheromones.

Alphas can impregnate omegas easily through knotting, and an omega's fertility rate would be higher when they are in heat. Betas, on the other hand, could also impregnate omegas whether the omega is male or female, but it is considered rare if this happens.

At the young age of seven, I realized that I was a beta. I wasn't particularly pretty like omegas, or tall like alphas. I did not excel at anything, too. I was average.

I just turned 12 four months ago, and we'll be getting the results of the examination to know if we're betas, alphas, or omegas.

In my case, I was sure of my second gender—I was sure that I was a beta. It was pretty obvious. My parents are both betas, so it makes sense that I am, too.

Our teacher called us one by one to give us the test results. "Justin," she called my name. I stood up and walked towards her, not feeling excited to know my result at all since it's predictable. She handed me a piece of paper and smiled.

"Thank you," I said and walked back to my seat. I did not bother taking a look at the piece of paper I'm holding, because just like what I said, I am sure that I am a beta.

After our teacher handed the results, she immediately left because she was called by the principal. The classroom started getting noisy because my classmates started asking each other what their second genders are.

It's really rare if you encounter alphas and omegas, so I kind of guessed that everyone here in this classroom is a beta like me. Well, from what I've heard, there were only two omegas and no alphas in last year's batch. It's very unlikely that there would be a lot of alphas and omegas in our batch too. After all, alphas and omegas are very rare. Well, it would be great if I were an alpha, but being an omega would totally suck. I'm already thankful that I'm a beta, at least I would live a more peaceful life compared to omegas.

"Justin, are you a beta too?" One of my classmates asked. "What do you think?" I said and chuckled. "Ah, I knew it. Same, bro," he said and raised his hand for a high five. I raised my hand as well and slapped it against his for a high five. "Are there no alphas and omegas here?" I asked, wanting to know if my assumption was right. Before he could even answer, someone suddenly yelled.

"Woah! Troy is an alpha guys!" One of my classmates yelled.

My eyes widened due to shock as I heard what my classmate said. Everybody then surrounded him and kept asking him questions.

I wasn't expecting that.

"Ah, I wasn't really expecting that I'm an alpha," Troy said as he scratched his head awkwardly.

Whatever. What's so special about being an alpha anyway? Ugh! I'm contradicting myself. Earlier, I just thought that being an alpha would be great, yet here I am, being so bitter because one of my classmates is an alpha.

I lowered my head and looked at the paper I am holding. Maybe I should at least take a look to confirm if I really am a beta, right? There must be even a slightest chance that I might be an alpha.

Hoo... Okay, here it goes.

I flipped the paper and bit my lower lip when I saw the result.

I'm a beta.

Or at least that's what I thought until I saw what was written on this paper.

Justin Vincent Alvarez.

12 years old.


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