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[UNDER HEAVY EDITING] Noticing that there are a LOT of mistakes in my book, I have decided that I will rewrite it again. Sorry to all the readers who must have had a hard time reading it (yup I should have corrected it before, sawry) and also I thank them that they still stick around to the latest chapters. The plot will be a bit modified so I hope the readers who already read it, will like its new version. It will take some since I am busy with my personal life. But do not worry, I will try to complete as soon as possible. ~ Getting drunk and spending a passionate night with a stranger isn't the only thing Shi Lian regrets. She dreads when she meets the stranger again in her homeland. She wasn't aware of the fact that the jerk who took her virginity is the same man who is known as the business tycoon in China. The heir to Fu household and the Youngest Vice Chairman, Fu Zichen. She hates him, tries to avoid him but he is everywhere. Zichen is determined to change Shi Lian's mind because she is the first and the only one who is capable of making the cold-hearted tycoon go crazy. But will Shi Lian open herself to him? Will she take the risk of falling in love with someone again? For her, first love was everything but she never thought it would end so chaotically. Breaking up with her first love wasn't easy for her and it took five years to heal. But what happens when she meets him again? Will her suppressed love comes out? Who will she choose? Love isn't the only problem, her uncle is all set to snatch the CEO position from her and he will go to any limit, even kill her, just to get the position. She is amid thorns and prickles, how will Shi Lian overcome all these? Join us in the journey to know their story~ Discord:- Xia_Xia89#7597 Facebook- Verena S. Let's talk!


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