Love like spring drizzle after a harsh winter Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

Love like spring drizzle after a harsh winter


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He was like the wind that shook the very core of my being. I fell in love with him at first sight. 3 years of unknown love came to the end yet I still think of him from time to time when someone mentions first love. We met again yet this time I was calm to see him but somehow fate resulted us in being together. We were happy until one day he mentioned I was just his past time and he got bored with me and we ended up in a divorce. I slipped into depression for a year but slowly collected myself and allowed my heart to open up again. We met again 4yrs later. He still looked impeccable but I’d already moved on from him. I don’t love my new fiancé but he still brings a serenity to my heart that my ex-husband never gave me before.


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