Love, Jerk, and Affair Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

Love, Jerk, and Affair


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Based on the true story of the author. Adriana's heart breaks even more when she knows the fact that her husband doesn't sincerely love her. She was increasingly unable to survive when she found out that her husband was also having an affair. In fact, at that time their child was sick. Adriana decided to leave, instead of sticking with her husband who kept making hurt in her heart. After divorcing Mark, Adriana started a new love story with an old friend she loved, named Zach. He is just a cowardly man who doesn't dare to express love. Apart from Zach, Adriana was also approached by several other men, even Mark invited her to reconcile even though she had Maura as his wife. Will Adriana be able to choose the right man for her future, organize her once wounded heart? Please read ... Story by Me Art by Pinterest


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