Love Is a Constant Survival Book

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Love Is a Constant Survival


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Hello, everyone, my name is Mercury Van Anguish, and to make things short I am reincarnated person yea... that right you heard me correctly jealous right hahah of course, you are who wouldn't. After all, I am a summoned hero destined to fight the demon lord, save the world, get the girl, and have a happy ending. Or that is what I would love to say you see my reincarnation was very special and very dangerous to me in more ways than one hahah... as a matter of fact please send help or maybe an SOS. You see I got the opportunity to reincarnate under the condition of being entertainment for Multiple ROBS In a way, this would have been good I might have gone to a different world with the proper and cliche setting but nope these ROB want a change of pace so what did they do. Well, it's simple they reincarnated me into a world as an offering to the strongest Evil Goddess of Mayhem Lilith an entity that is by no means good at all and has committed so many horrible crimes within this world just because she enjoys it and sees it as fun, in short, she sadistic and fuck up in the head. Well, this is my job make Lilith mine at all cost and complete all 100 hundred romantic tasks given to me by the Robs, and let me tell you this would have been easy if my wife isn't trying to kill me, discipline me, torture me and assassinate me. All because that is her nature and she enjoys doing it, my suffering is her enjoyment, and If I fail and let her leave the seal before a year is finished, she will destroy the world. So, yea this is a story of how I met your mother or die trying to meet her. "Merrrrrrrcury darling where are you?" "Shit she is coming and my leg isn't healed yet well later guys I got to think of a way out of this or be killed right here and now by my wife." "Awww... darling there you are it is time to say hello to Angel-Chan early today". "Shit, shit, shit, shit Shiiiiiiit!"


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