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Love in Royalty


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He is Rich, Dominant, heart wrenchingly Gorgeous and Royal. She is Honest, breathtakingly Beautiful, Smart and recently Broken - hearted (Single!). And the prince can’t wait any longer for his Cinderella. Finding her step sister in the arms of her boyfriend was the least she had expected. Broken and alone, she moves into a big City and jumps at the opportunity of being the personal assistant to the crown prince. She thinks all her problems would be a distant memory. But it might just be the beginning of it all. And nothing is as it seems. Can new love mend her broken heart or will she be seized by her past? That's not all. ”Royal conspiracies and secrets?! Did I transmigrated into a novel?!” Join the world where love knows no Boundary. ————————————————————————————————————-———————— Behind us a big commotion arose and we were tossed to the sidelines like the forgotten rag dolls. Cameras flashing. Reporters hovering the place to get the perfect shot, each scraping for even the tiniest glance at the powerful figures that emerged out of their cars. I was left in awe of the dazzling socialite ladies as they strutted across the carpet, ignoring everyone they deemed beneath them. Their million dollar dresses and jewelleries leaving everyone with envy. Accompanying them were the well - known businessmen whose money never seemed to run out. Following behind them came the well - known actors and actresses. They waved and smiled while the onlookers screams of joy and appreciation for them filled the environment. I nudged Rebecca and whispered “Can I go back now?” “No way! It’s a masquerade ball. We can be anyone we want.” She replied while smiling ear to ear. “Ok” I thought as my confidence level piped up a bit. No one was gonna know that a complete outsider had entered their territory. . . . "Stop! I don’t want to dance." "We’re in a masquerade ball! That’s what people do. Dance." "But...I can’t." He gave a little chuckle enjoying our little fight before he intervened, "It’s ok. I can teach you. Just follow my steps." "Common Hayls. Go on." "Alright, I’ll go," I said, giving her a look. "Have fun!" She gave a soft cheer before focusing all her attention back into her plate. He held my left hand and gently led me towards the dance floor. The music soon changed to something more romantic. The magic of love by Russel Watson and Lionel Richie started playing in the background. Soon all the couples started dancing together. "Are you ready?" The man whispered in my ear making me blush. "Ready as I’ll ever be," I replied hesitantly. "Don’t worry. I’m here, just follow my lead." He gently held onto my waist with his right hand and grabbed onto my right hand with his left. I lightly placed my left hand onto his right shoulder and we started our slow dance. "Right, left, Glide, glide…" Along with our dance, he kept whispering the steps to me and soon we were in sync with each other. We spun, laughed, and before the end of our dance, the music went into slow beat again. We softly danced to the rhythm as I basked in his rich and beautiful fragrance. It was all truly a magical moment. . . . Hello everyone I’m Bandana & this is my very first Novel. I hope you’ll all enjoy 1 chapter up daily Instagram - @author_br Discord - b_r2 #2557


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