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Love From Seven Stars


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Montgomery Luna goes back to Korea after years of New York life. New house and new life. And a school.... Well first time . In school, she meets her first enemy and later on finding herself seven enemies. . Park Jimin Kim Taehyung Min Yoongi Kim Namjoon Kim SeokJin Jung Hoseok Jeon Jungkook . Life was pretty much a mystery to since she didn't really have the best childhood or had a childhood at all. But once she meet her seven enemies, things start to unfold... BTS x AU's Original Character Author's Note: The start is really bad, but once you get into it... it gets better + TXT, MAMAMOO,REDVELVET, etc. Kpop idols are in here :) + Also pls leave suggestions in the comments :) Insta: @mluna_writer for updates :)


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