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love depression


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After the disappearance of her father and the death of her mother. Korina Black is left orphaned and grief-stricken for years. She moves to New York to start afresh and live a quiet normal life and swears to keep off men after her various failed relationships and heart breaks. Her quiet life is soon disrupted when she has to deal with racists more often , a boss who is always angry and her ever persistent Cousin and best friend, Daniella. she also finds out she's being stalked and finds her vows of staying off men hard to keep when she meets a man by the name Jace Lander. Jace lander is the typical hot billionaire with American playboy looks that you can't stray your attention from, he is a man whose life is woven around many secrets, a man with a dark past, darker present and maybe a worse future. He finds himself obsessed with a beautiful black lady, Korina black and is determined to have her for himself by hook or crook even if it meant keeping a lot from her. What happens when he attempts to court korina? would she give him a chance? and when she does, would she stay with him when she finds out his dirty secrets and what happens when a child comes in the way?


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